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Emerging Executive Women... Getting "one up" on your male counterparts

26 August 2013

As an emerging executive woman, how do you feel when told that, on average, men earn 16.8% more than women for the same role? Just to make this clear, when your male co-worker doing exactly the same role earns a $100,000 base salary, you will earn $83,200. And with super being a % of this base no wonder we are disadvantaged when it comes to retiring!
Do you just accept that it’s the “way it is” or do you ask yourself why there is such a disparity and how can I bridge this gap?
Just the other day, Dr Frankel, the American best-selling author and executive coach said: "Boys are often taught to be fearless, competitive and tough - ready to hide their feelings and put themselves first. While girls are told to behave themselves, be good, be nice and be aware of the needs of others. And it's that distinction that's ultimately responsible for the inequality of the modern workplace."
Personally, I would probably simplify this by saying, “Men constantly self promote and request more money, whilst women sit back and say 'They will pay me what I am worth', which of course we all know will never happen."
How would you like an advantage in your quest for your executive role with a salary that matches your male counterparts?
Let’s face it, the “Male Business model” does not work for women. We burn out, feel exhausted; men can’t stand working with us when we act like them, though more importantly, other women do not want to work with us let alone follow and support us.
BraveHeart Women’s Female Transformation Model (FTM) is one way forward - a 3-day training program that provides tools to EMBODY our feminine energy and ACCESS our masculine energy.
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    Louise Upton 6 years ago

    Hi Karen, it would add value and be good for members if you uploaded the event to the Event section of the site.