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Don't wait for Madonna to move in next door, generate your own news!

07 March 2011

One of the quickest ways to generate publicity about your business is to tie-in to something topical that's already being covered in the news.

Reporters are continually seeking new angles on which to cover a topic, which is a goldmine opportunity if you want to generate free publicity you and your business.

The trick is learning to think like a journalist.

Barbara Corcoran, an astute real-estate mogul, quickly sent out a media release a few years back as soon as news outlets began covering Madonna's eventual move to New York City. Using her professional perspective she detailed what Madonna would be looking for in a new home - the amenities, what part of town she would like, etc - all the while using properties that her real-estate business was listing, thereby promoting not only herself, but also her real estate inventory.

It received some great coverage - so much so that within the week Barbara received a call from an agent asking her to act as Richard Gere's realtor

You don't need to wait for Madonna to move to your suburb to generate some publicity for yourself and your business. The trick is to start thinking a little more laterally whenever you see the news headlines.

So what's been in the news that you could leverage for your business?

Interest rates set to rise - Mortgage brokers could offer hints and tips on a healthy mortgage. Financial planners may offer budget tips for anyone who's feeling the crunch, or who may have spent too much during the festive season.

Celebrity relationship woes - relationship counselors, psychologists, or doctors could comment and offer advice to others in a similar situation.

Education being the engine room behind Australia's economic recovery - a workplace trainer or recruitment agenct could comment on the best practices companies need to adopt to attract and retain skilled staff.

Home-owners warned after a spate of fires sparked by shoddily installed ceiling insulation - a licensed tradesman could offer tips on what homeowners should look for when choosing ceiling insulation.

So next time you're watching the TV news, reading the daily paper (online or in print), have a think about what's topical - and see if you can come up with four ways you can tie your business to the headlines of the day. Please email me or post your ideas - let me know about your business and what news angle you think you could tie into. Put yourself up in lights!


Philippa Lowe is a publicity mentor, award-winning journalist, PR agency CIO and author of the DIY PR and Publicity Kit. Visit for her free report Publicity Secrets That Only The Pros Know and sign up to Publicity Train, a weekly publicity and PR advice eZine for SMEs.