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Does your LinkedIn profile stink?

10 February 2014

If Facebook is our scrapbook and Instagram’s our photo album, then LinkedIn is our trophy cabinet.

Love it or hate it, it’s more than just your CV online. It’s used by over 80% of employers and likely 100% of recruiters in the hiring process.

And even if you’re not in the market for a job, it’s a priceless opportunity to expand your network, connect with influential people, raise your profile in your current job and even help you get that promotion.



So where do you start?

Naked Ambition’s 3 must-haves for your LinkedIn profile:  

  • A personal summary: This is essential and almost always overlooked. It’s an opportunity to give people an introduction to what you are about in 200 words and in most cases it will be all they read. Our tip: Find a friend a write each other’s. It’s so much easier and less cringey when someone else is writing about your achievements. We help our clients draft these in our workshops and it always works a treat.


  • A professional headline: This should be your current job, yes?  Incorrect.  For LinkedIn, the best headlines are those that show your most marketable skills. For example, if you are in events put Event Management |Sales |Marketing | Planning |Design - if this is what your job involves. Potential clients (and headhunters!) are looking for skills and keywords – so show them what you do. (Check out our profles if you need an example).


  • A good photo: Arguably the MOST important factor and so still so many of those little grey silhouettes rocking around. Like real estate advertised without a photo, you don’t quite trust the text. This is not a vanity thing; it’s about representing your personal brand. Whether you think you have one or not (you do by the way!) Also important that the photo reflects you and what you are comfortable in ie. The outfit you’d wear on your best day at work.

And one final bonus tip: Connect with everyone. This is not Facebook. There are no albums to protect or embarrassing posts to hide. Even that semi-stalker from your primary school days could become a valuable addition to your network.

Need help getting started or putting the finishing touches on your profile?

Drop us a line at to see how we can help.


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