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Does Your Energy Around Your Business Need a Shift?

07 March 2011

Running your business can be a lot of fun when things go well and clients knock on your door. And it can also become a huge energy drag if things are not going so well. While we all go through the 'freak out days' where we think we'll never fill a workshop, that's just part of the game, if the state of anxiety about getting enough clients persists, then it's definitely no fun. It is all to easy to get drawn into the energy of wanting to 'get' the next client. And from my experience that is where the problem starts and the clients disappear.

It's important that as entrepreneurs we stay connected to the energy of abundance, generosity and excitement around our business. It's that high level of vibration where we are most creative that we are most client attractive. In other words, if you are enjoying yourself, your ideal clients will come to you.

So how do we stay connected to that energy of abundance? This is no woo-woo stuff, it's really fundamental for a successful business. If you want to keep your sanity while building your six figure income business, you really want to be taking notice of my three top tips for staying in the energy of abundance and generosity that I want to share with you here

1. Be energetically connected with your ideal client

Yes, I wrote about the ideal client just last week, and I am mentioning it here again because it's so important. This goes way beyond just collecting data. It's really about being energetically connected with them, knowing what is going on for them on an emotional level so you can write to them and speak to them in your marketing message. It's kind of like a free flowing continuation, working with you is just what is naturally happening next. Most Solopreneurs who struggle to attract clients are much more connected to what they want to provide than to what their clients want right now. Shift your focus and see what comes up. New doors may just open that you hadn't considered before.

2. Be realistic with your goals

It's easy to get freaked out if you have set yourself goals that are unrealistic. Check in with your goals, are they really achievable? There comes a stage where marketing (good marketing) is a numbers game and you need to know how many people you need to speak to in order to fill a program. It's not necessarily a reflection on your service or product if not enough clients show up, sometimes you just haven't got your numbers right. Most solopreneurs underestimate the amount of prospects and well nurtured relationships it takes in order to fill a program. So check in with your whole marketing campaign, is it built to create the result you want? Or do you need to adjust the bar?

3. The magic of pent-up demand

This is really about the energy you WANT to create. This one can be a little uncomfortable too, especially if you are someone who likes to please everybody at once. However pent up demand is a good thing. It's the kind of energy you have just before the doors open to the Boxing Day Sales or the day really hot concert tickets are released and people are camping outside to get their hands on them.

I'm serious, that's the holy grail of marketing. You can only create it if what you do is not abundantly available on every street corner. So have a look at what your clients really really want and give it to them, but not anytime anywhere.


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