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Desk Accessories to Help You Stay Focused and Comfortable at Work

15 May 2020


The situation in the past several months has been quite hectic for most businesses of all sizes and all industries, as most had to restructure their business models to work remotely, or at the very least reduce the number of people at the office every day. Even with those rules in place, the stress of it all can be overwhelming. We’re all worried about the financial impact this will have on our business growth, while we still worry about our health and proper prevention. 

There are certain aspects of this situation you cannot change, especially not on your own, but there is plenty of room to improve your productivity by enhancing your own little office nook and your workspace. This is where the use of various gadgets and accessories becomes extremely useful. So, here are a few suggestions to improve your office productivity and make you feel more comfortable despite the current situation, so that you can greet the post-pandemic times better prepared and ready for new challenges, stress and hassle-free.

An energy-boosting insulated coffee mug


If you cannot imagine starting your morning without a cup of joe, but you still want to avoid busy coffee shops and distance yourself socially before you reach your office, you can make your own cup at home and bring it with you in your insulated coffee mug. They are a perfect option for those who like to make their own brew, and it ensures you minimize interacting with others on your way to work. 

A smart notebook for your brainstorming 


Instead of your typical paper-based notebook, it’s time to go digital and switch to a digital notepad that is both rechargeable, sustainable, and easy to carry around so that you can use it for meetings and your own scribblings at the desk. Depending on your line of work, you can find more refined options that let you save images and drawings in addition to pure text, and some are ideal for designers who enjoy jotting down their ideas and storing them online for further creative work. 

A spare source of power for your devices


You don’t want to carry your charger with you at all times, and there will be days when you forget to do so even when you need it most. That’s why having a dedicated 10000 mAh power bank at the office will ensure you have a power source to charge your phone seamlessly at work. It can be used to charge two devices at the same time, just in case the batteries on your business phone and your personal phone give out. You’ll never have to worry about your phone again, and you’ll be able to keep your battery charged at all times. 

A pair of quality headphones 


Noise-cancelling headphones aren’t just a commodity, but often a necessity in an office with an open floor plan where your other team members will interact and talk while you need to make a client call. Then again, you can use them to seek inspiration in music and prevent distractions while people around you talk and work on other tasks. 

A wrist pad for your mouse and keyboard


Whether you work as a software engineer, or you’re an eager content creator for a busy agency, chances are that your hands are your greatest work weapons, and you need to keep them comfortable. What’s more, keeping your hands well-supported with a memory-foam pad will prevent tendonitis in your wrists and ensure that you can type away without any mobility issues or pain. There are varieties that are designed for combining with your mouse and those for your keyboard, so you can support both hands. 

Protective eyewear


If your job entails plenty of time staring at a screen, then by all means, you should invest in a pair of glasses with protective features such as anti-glare coating and UV protection to make sure you keep your vision safe and those headaches at bay. Another great feature you can look for is protective coating to prevent scratches, so you can use them longer. 

A neat storage area for your files 


Getting lost in your contracts, meeting minutes, and similar relevant papers can be stressful and annoying at the very least, not to mention that it can cost you time to constantly dig through piles of paperwork to find what you need. You can get a separate file organizer to place next to or under your desk and clearly label each segment for your documents. Storage will be one thing you can cross off your list of concerns! 

It will take some time before things go back to normal and your office life restores to its regular pace. Now that you still need all the support and organization you can get, you can rely on these tools to give you the added motivation, inspiration, and reduce your stress levels during your work hours.