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No more silos

08 May 2019

Rose Wright Regionality Small

When we spoke to Rose Wright (above) she was looking at brown dirt out on the Liverpool Plains in the north-west slopes region of New South Wales. 

“It’s still very dry out here,” she says, matter of fact-ly, “and that makes things hard for everyone, whether they’re in agriculture, in businesses in the region, in tourism, in food.

“When it comes to the weather and drought, everyone is affected. There are no silos,” says Rose.

The word silos sets Rose off on another thought: “It’s what I’d like to see happen with regionally based business – no more silos stopping the flow of ideas in our regions between agri-food, tourism, business.”

Rose is the Managing Director of Regionality: an agri-food, tourism, destination management and regional development business. She is “devoted” to unlocking the potential of Australia’s regions.

Rose’s vision is to transform agricultural regions into food destinations by supporting the development of the ‘farm to plate value chain’. It is an area she’s worked in for many years.

To support her vision, she has developed and is now hosting, through Regionality, a major immersive learning experience for farmers, foodies, tourism operators and regionally based business.

From May 13-17 the first Farm2Plate Exchange will be held in the Northern Rivers Region.

“If you’re looking to grow your business or develop a farm, food or beverage experience - no matter what your region - the Regionality Farm2Plate (F2P) Exchange, will support you in understanding how,” promises Rose.

With a Gross Regional Product estimated at $16.288 billion, the Northern Rivers Region represents 2.82 percent of New South Wales' Gross State Product (GSP) of $576.716 billion, according to economic data expert REMPLAN. These sorts of figures and some go-ahead businesses in the region provide a strong backdrop against which to kick off the Farm2Plate Exchange, which Rose aims to make an annual event.

The event program has gathered a network of people from producers, chefs, retailers and tourism operators – all of who are experts in their field – to share what they know with participants and to “develop the sense of collaboration rather than competition for business in regional Australia to grow and succeed”, according to Rose. The international and local speakers will be accompanied by offsite food experience tours to local businesses, such as Husk Farm Distillery, Mavis’s Kitchen and The Farm Byron Bay.

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