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Certification Training helps professionals attain proficiency in Tableau

04 January 2019

Over the past few years, the tech market has been seeing a rise in demand for Tableau professionals. Is Tableau a novel technology that has taken the market by storm over from out of nowhere? Not really. Tableau has been around for a while new. So, why this spurt in demand? It is because of the rise in the numbers of organizations that need Tableau skills. It is not as if these organizations have sprung up from nowhere overnight; it is just that these organizations have of late been realizing the need for insightful analysis of their Business Analytics. These businesses have been spread over the small, medium and big sizes.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a software application that is used to make business-related data more presentable. More than the presentability aspect, where Tableau stands out is in the area of insights it offers. It can do a lot more by digging up from deep inside the data and offer insights that help in business decisions. It appears somewhat similar to MS Excel but is rather different in some ways. It can help you gain insights into your data and present them in a highly pictorial manner.

And, unlike MS Excel, it does not require you to analyze data yourself in tabular fashion. In other words, when you are using MS Excel, you need to be aware of what insights you are looking for and then let the program do the calculation or assessment according to what you have chosen. On the other hand, with Tableau, you are led to exploring many insights which the program does on its own. You don’t need any specific skillsets or knowledge of data science since the program does most of your analysis on its own. This feature gives it tremendous importance and value in business intelligence and Business Analytics.

To sum up the uses of Tableau, it is a program that helps you gain unimaginable insights into your business in ways that you probably didn’t think ever existed, while offering you the same in extremely presentable ways. It helps in understanding trends better and analyzing data in an extremely easy fashion and helps understand data from a granular level. It helps understand data from certain perspectives. On top of it all, Tableau is amazingly simple to use. It is not only highly interactive; it doesn't require the user to have any special knowledge of data science. With Tableau, reports and presentations come to life.

Global surge in demand for Tableau professionals

No wonder then that as the world moves towards generating colossal amounts of data from every possible source, a program like Tableau has been gaining enormous importance because of its ability to help make sense of this data. It is estimated that there is going to be a 5000% increase in the data the world is going to generate from 2011 to 2020. This means that the best time to be in a career in Tableau is now. Given Tableau’s ability to handle truckloads of data with utmost ease, it is a much sought-after field in today’s IT world.

There are many reasons for choosing a career in Tableau. It has been steadily moving into one of the top slots among high paying jobs. estimates that the job of a Tableau professional pays something in the region of $106,000. Experienced Tableau professionals earn about 50% more. There is a constant demand for Tableau professionals in many other parts of the world, as well, in most parts of which too, they are among the best paid professionals.

For about the past five years, Tableau has been an area in which job openings have been steadily increasing. The list of companies hiring Tableau software professionals is a virtual who is who among the global elite: Dell, Facebook, Groupon, NetJets, Booz Allen Hamilton, General Motors, University of California, Bank of America, Sony Electronics, Verizon, and KPMG among others.

Some of the career designations

With the right skills and experience, Tableau professionals can expect to occupy hot positions in the industry in quick time. Some of the positions they are absorbed and grow into include:

o   Tableau Consultant

o   Tableau Analyst

o   Business Analyst

o   Business Intelligence Analyst

o   Business Intelligence Developer

o   Business Intelligence Manager

o   Data Analyst.

Get ahead with Tableau with the right certification training

Isn’t a career in Tableau seriously worth considering? It certainly is. Simpliv, a Fremont, CA-based online video learning platform, is offering a 10-day Tableau Certification Training to help you get there. This virtual classroom course from Simpliv will extend to 30 hours and is aimed at anyone who is passionate about Tableau and is keen about choosing this as a career option. It will delve into the details of the heart of Tableau, namely business intelligence, data visualization and data analytics. Those who take up this course from Simpliv will be better prepared to gain Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification.

The schedule

Simpliv has designed this Tableau virtual classroom Certification Training in a manner that will enable working professionals who work for most of the day to complete their day’s work to take this study up. This Tableau Certification Training will be held over 10 working weekdays starting from February 11, 2019. The working hours for this course are from 7 PM to 10 PM IST from Monday to Friday for two consecutive weeks, totaling 30 hours of learning. This Tableau Certification Training will conclude on February 22.

Why should you take up this Tableau Certification Training course from Simpliv?

Simple: to gain ascendancy in your career in Tableau. Through this Tableau Certification Training course, Simpliv equips professionals with the ken needed to get a better and sharper grasp of the Tableau concepts. All the implementation aspects of Tableau, consisting primarily of data visualization, but also organizing data, handling large sets of data, and designing of dashboards better, will become far easier. You can also do all these cost-effectively.

Importantly, this Tableau Certification Training from Simpliv will put you on par with the top-notch professionals of the field from around the world and place you in a position where organizations will look for you by placing you on track to becoming Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certified. This will give your careers a higher level of credibility.

In simple terms, enroll for this Tableau Certification Training course from Simpliv to gain understanding of all that is needed to succeed in a career in this skill. With this course, you will be able to come up with better computer system and data visualization solutions that go on to augment business processes. You will learn the ways by which to create Tableau dashboard reports. You will understand how to better coordinate with developers. You will also be able to generate and interpret business intelligence reports and visualizations, all of which will go a long way in helping to optimize your systems.

Simpliv offers all that you would want to learn to become Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certified through this Tableau Certification Training course. This is the list of topics covered in this course:

Visualization with Tableau

  • Tableau - An Introduction  
    • Tableau Products
    • Tableau Architecture
    • Tableau File types
    • Tableau Data types
    • My First Bar chart
    • Formatting
    • Extract vs Live
    • Database Filters
  • Aggregation and Granularity  
    • A relation between Granularity and Aggregation
    • Line chart vs Area Chart
    • Normal Filters
  • Action Filters and Action Highlights  
    • Scatter Plots
    • Trend Lines - An explanation
    • Action Filters
    • Action Highlights
    • Difference between Action Filters and Action Highlights
  • Customer Segmentation Dashboard  
    • Map Chart
    • Histogram and Bins
    • How to create dynamic Bins
    • How to create variable size bins
    • Tree map
    • Donut chart
    • Box and Whisker Plots
    • Tableau Dashboards
    • Tableau Story
    • Difference between Tableau Dashboards and Tableau Story
  • Data Blending  
    • Explaining the concept of Data Blending
    • Which scenarios we need to do data blending
  • Find top 10 Gems  
    • Understanding Sets
    • Static Sets
    • Dynamic Sets (Parameters)
    • Combined Sets
    • Dynamically change sheet label
    • Groups an Idea
    • Reference lines
    • Dynamically move reference lines
  • Table Calculations (Explaining various Table calculations)  
    • Running Total
    • Moving Avg.
    • First
    • Last
    • % Total etc
  • Difference between Table calculations and Calculated fields  
  • LOD Functions  
    • Explaining the concept of LODs
    • Include
    • Exclude
    • Fixed
    • Where to use which LOD Functions
  • How to connect to databases (Video based)  
    • Creating Employee dashboard using Oracle
  • How to integrate Tableau with R (Video based)  
    • Explaining how to integrate Tableau with R
  • Dashboarding Techniques  
    • Sheet as filters
    • Hiding the views
    • Changing the chart type dynamically
    • Changing the measure dynamically
  • Other Charts  
    • Lollipop Chart
    • Rank chart
    • Bump chart
    • Waterfall chart
    • Funnel Charts
  • Tableau Server  
    • Basic to advanced Tableau Server (Videos 2 hours)
  • Interview Preparation  
    • Interview preparation booklet with 200+ questions
  • Certification Preparation (Optional)  
    • 5 Mock Tests

The icing on the cake-the special price

And, last but not the least, Simpliv completely demolishes the myth that anything that is valuable has to be expensive. Considering the full range of learning this course offers and in relation to the enormity of other benefits it brings; this course is surprisingly low priced. Those who enroll for this batch can get this course at a special price of 9999, where the normal price is 16,665. This is a huge discount of 40% discount.

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