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Career in Virtual Reality: Is Your Child up for It?

06 November 2019

We are all aware that the future lies in technology, and as its impact on our lives is already huge, new generations should definitely consider a career path related to it. Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to helping your kid choose a profession related to technology, but one field is especially prosperous and expanding - virtual reality. With this in mind, here are some guidelines that will help you guide your kid through deciding on which VR career path they should pursue.

What Is the Job Market for Virtual Reality Developers Like?

At the moment, the virtual reality market is not as competitive as software development but with the constant growth of technologies, demand for VR experts is more than likely to considerably increase. Like any other company which hires new employees, VR companies prefer to see a proper resume, with rich experience in software development and IT generally. You should definitely encourage your kid to take some volunteering in IT companies, just to gain some experience in that field and boost their CV.

What Kinds of Jobs Involve VR?

Professions that are prevailing in the general IT sector as are actually quite similar to those in virtual reality - software engineer, product management, content producer, to name a few. Considering that virtual reality is a booming field, it’s not going to be that hard for your child to make it in a career related to VR, because this is an up-and coming market that is growing rapidly.

Required Educational Background

As with the most of other professions, there are all sorts of courses your child can attend to build up the confidence and experience needed to succeed in the job they choose. This innovative master degree in design for virtual reality, for instance, teaches students to grasp the processes and methodologies involved in designing, developing and producing immersive, communicative, emotional and social experiences using VR, as well as to experiment with an array of possibilities that storytelling and immersion can offer in different sectors.

How to Get Started

Now you’re probably wondering where your kid should start, what are the steps to entering the VR development industry. Like it’s mentioned above, VR-related jobs are very similar to the software development market, so you can encourage your kid to start with that - learning computer sciences. Whether they are more interested in hardware or software associated engineering, first they should get acquainted with basic IT knowledge and then build their way up and figure out their specialization.

How to Stand Out

VR market is a growing field, and it’s going to become more competitive, so your kid should find a way to stand out amongst other professionals in the field. Even if they are a great candidate for the job, they are certainly not the only one, so make sure they know that and help them build up their confidence and skills. Ascertain that they are informed and in the loop with the industry’s news and current demands, making them aware of what’s desired and essential to becoming a first-choice candidate.

How to Keep Growing

The crucial part of deciding on a career path is that you prepare your child to what is waiting for them, to teach them that they shouldn’t give up even when it’s hardest. Reassure them and encourage to work on themselves, to always keep finding new ways and ideas to develop and learn new skills. Since this is a super-growing industry, it’s easy to be left behind if they’re not paying attention to updates and expansions that are happening, so try to motivate them to always keep learning new things.

Make the most out of this guide and start helping your kid pursue a career in the virtual reality realm. Patience and persistence are crucial in starting a career in any industry, it’s just important to make sure that they your kids knows exactly what they want and go for it.