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Key steps for starting a business

07 June 2019

There are some key steps on the road to starting your own business that will help you prepare and make the process a success. Those steps include finding something your passionate about doing for your customer or solving for your customer. In the Wellness Industry this is particularly important. However, wherever you are considering starting a business, you need to be prepared.

“The wellness industry is a highly competitive market space, so in order to succeed, you need to think about the ecosystem you’re operating in,” says Ganesh Chandrasekkar, general manager for SME Banking at Westpac. “It’s about understanding your customer, their values and how you can support them.”

Ganesh is one of several people Body and Soul spoke to in a recent article about the ins and outs of beginning, maintaining and growing a business in the wellness industry. Unsurprisingly, much of the advice and thoughts from the featured business owners, and other experts, are applicable whatever your business. There is also a business checklist (below) to help you remain in control financially, personally and emotionally.

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Business Checklist


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