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Building your brand using Google+.

12 December 2011


What’s Google+ all about?

Businesses can create Google+ pages building relationships with prospects and clients on various levels, you can add brands to certain circles, share a page with their network and comment on content posted by that business.

A great way to endorse a business or content is by using the +1 button, you can also take advantage of using the hangout feature were you can use video conference calls with your prospects and customers. I believe this tool really distinguishes Google+ from other social networks.

Tips on setting up your Google+ business page:

1-Set up a Gmail account that is available to a number of people in your marketing team.

2-Create a page by visiting using the Gmail account you have created. You will have the option to create a local Business, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organisation, Arts, Entertainment or Sport, or other.

3-Customising your public profile. This is where you add your elevator pitch and business logo.

4-Start promoting your page- To start promoting your page firstly invest some time in sharing some content with relevant links, photos so it is more attractive to add to people’s circles.

5-Keep it up –regularly share fresh content, react and respond to your fans, be engaging and optimise for lead generation.


Remember to measure and adapt your strategy based on your own results and goals; you will start to see the impact of Google+ on your search engine optimisation and blogging efforts.

So get started and be sure to join our circle.


Carrie Buckle is managing director of We Create Design Solutions, an award winning Adelaide-based brand design consultancy specialising in branding for SME’s





  • Anne Coco

    Anne Coco 8 years ago

    Thanks for this. I have just added my page on Google+ basically to protect the name as already on Linkedin and Facebook. Just in case Google+ takes off. Sandra

  • Sandy Naidu

    Sandy Naidu 8 years ago

    Good points - Even if you are not ready to actively start networking on Google Plus, its important we go right now and secure our business name - We can always come back to it when we are ready...