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Best New Year's Resolutions Your Business Should Make in 2020

09 January 2020

It’s that time of the year again, when we start making nutrition changes, hit the gym for a few weeks, and promise to quit smoking. All valid goals, but once stress at the office kicks in, you’ll likely fall back to your binge-eating rituals, go out for a smoke from time to time, and stay at home instead of dragging yourself to the gym when you’re burnt out. 

The truth is, our lives aren’t separate compartments in which we succeed or fail – they are all connected, so we need to commit ourselves to adapting across the board. In this case, you can actually commit yourself to boosting your professional success, which will in turn improve not just your business, but your personal wellbeing as well.

Chances are, no matter if you run a small company or a corporation, you’re looking to improve your cash flow, get your brand more exposure online, and make sure that your customers are indeed loyal. Here are a few resolutions you can add to your business list for 2020, and you’ll give your brand a better chance at succeeding in the growing global market one smart choice at a time. 

Keep your employees happy

From those Monday morning meetings, annoying customer requests, all the way to your office dress code, the list of your employee complaints can be quite a lengthy one if you don’t pay close attention at what you’re doing wrong. However, unhappy employees will make you miserable, too, and they will not be the brand ambassadors that you need for your business to grow and appeal to your customers.

That is why investing time and funds into motivating your employees, changing how you interact with them, and simply changing the office environment to suit their needs will all shape your success in the upcoming months. Whatever they might be struggling with, help them by listening, making changes where you can, and striving to build lasting relationships with your employees, much like you do with your customers. 

Delegate tasks your business can’t handle

More often than not, growth requires businesses to invest more time, creativity, effort, and pure manpower towards certain tasks and obligations. When you find out more customers are visiting your website, you need to keep them coming with an influx of constantly published, high-quality content. That and other SEO factors require any business to allocate more resources to ensure that all the right strategies are in place.

In 2020, more companies will actually benefit from working with professionals to outsource and delegate certain tasks to them. For example, more growing brands will work with white label SEO service providers in order to focus on other in-house business operations. That way, a major portion of their online presence will continue to grow under professional supervision while you as the business leader can actually allocate your in-house resources more wisely.

Listen to your customers

New Year is the perfect time to make changes, especially if your customers have openly expressed their desire for certain preferences that you have the power to introduce. Some companies are too eager to focus on the day-to-day operations, accounting, and other essentials, so they might fall behind when it comes to meeting customer expectations. Alas, that’s they key ingredient for any success story in any industry out there.

When you want to impress your customers into being loyal to your business, you need to hear what they are saying. Do you ask for feedback? If not, it’s high time you introduced a system for collecting such information. Do you publish reviews? This isn’t just a smart SEO move, but one of the easier ways to learn about your changing customer base. 

Stay in the know with marketing 

Every now and then, a clever solution or a quirky new social media feature pops up to nudge brands out of their comfort zone, and it completely disrupts business as usual, especially in marketing. One day, your team knows what’s trending, the very next day, your social media manager is experiencing an identity crisis because there are dozens of businesses using this cool new feature on any platform. The simple answer? You need to be aware of the tides changing within your industry, especially knows that will affect the success of your business.

For example, Instagram uses its new Checkout feature, which means that you are able to sell your products directly through the app. Make sure your customers know that, and you’ll be able to add another income stream to your current list, if you enable and market the option for your customers and followers, of course. Such major changes will affect how you market your business and how your entire brand evolves.

There are so many ways in which a business leader can earn the trust of their audience and grow, or simply fade into oblivion as new companies steal the spotlight. This year will be all about warding off competition while you manage to preserve your business’s essence, and you can do that with the right mindset and the right goals, or resolutions if you will, at hand. Use these as a way to grow your business in 2020, and you’ll brace yourself, your employees, and your customers for another year of success.