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Ann Sherry's tips for life success

30 March 2016

Ann Sherry May 15

At the tailend of 2015 our Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence overall winner, Carnival Australia Executive Chairman Ann Sherry (above) had some pithy tips about life success for us. My memory of them goes a little like this:

1) Look for the world of what's possible (for boys as well as girls).

2) Know your inner self - colloquially described as ‘life is short so don't put up with any rubbish’.

3) Do work that you love and with people that you enjoy being around and find exciting.

4) Work for companies that believe in gender equality.

5) Take risks - if it doesn't work you can change your circumstances.

6) Understand the importance of the support from your partner in life and where you can outsource.

7) Don't be afraid to smash through - fight for what you think is right.

8) Understand the importance of recognition (e.g. awards such as 100 Women of Influence).

9) Know your customer - look for insights, unique products and experiences.

10) Understand the importance of giving back to society and saying thanks - thank your team, your partners, colleagues.


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