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AGSM: The New HR: strategic, practical and contemporary

31 October 2013

Business leaders have become more outward looking as they transform into global operators. They’ve also been forced to become more strategically agile and cognisant of the need to manage risk.
These changes have significant implications for Human Resource leaders because they call for different capabilities. CEOs and executive managers are looking to HR as not just a business partner, but a driver of strategic execution.
AGSM Program Director, Eva Freedman, says this is a great time for senior HR practitioners. “Senior HR leaders are stepping up to the plate to meet these new challenges” she says. “And our new program, The New HR, ensures they are equipped to make the really big decisions their CEOs are relying on.”
“HR leaders today must enable the organisation to execute its strategy” says Eva. “That might be finding the right people to administer new business in China, or a call centre operation in the Philippines, or maybe sales and service professionals in Indonesia. What works in Australia won’t be the same in these new markets” she explains.
“We need globally consistent policies and branding, but there needs to be local flexibility with people. It’s a country by country analysis, and we need to be aware of cross-cultural diversity and how that can be leveraged” she says.
“It’s very interesting – and if any area of HR has changed significantly, it’s this one.”
The New HR program is structured with two three-day residential modules over three months, with a major organisational challenge undertaken between modules.
“In the first module we focus on making sure your own house is in order” says Eva. “Are your team members strategically aligned, can they enable organisational strategy, are they customer centric and do your people strategies enable customer centricity? Do you have appropriate policies and programs in place to achieve your strategic goals?”
“We examine best practice models, frameworks and case studies that focus on Asia, Australia and the Pacific.”
The program then moves into an eight-week strategic challenge involving development of an HR program for each individual’s organisation. Participants are mentored by world-leading organisational development professionals and further coaching and finessing of strategy is conducted during the second module.
“This is a very exciting time for senior HR professionals” says Eva. “Never has HR been so critical to making strategy happen.”
Any organisation with global aspirations or with efficiency and talent management as a top priority should look no further than The New HR.
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