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A Helpful Guide In Choosing The Best Access Control Systems

14 July 2021

Using access control systems are vital in today's time; not using one can put the life of family members/office members at risk. When it comes to availing yourself of such innovative technology at your place, you should choose the best from so many available choices in the market.

Read on further to go through a complete guide that will help you choose the best access control systems for your residence or business. 

The different kinds of access control systems in the market

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It is important to know and understand the various types of access control systems and how they work to choose the best. 

Standalone access control- These incorporate putting secure locks on doors separately. The systems work in isolation for the door at which they are set up. These are quite easy to set up.

Computer-based access control- These involve centralized access control systems to multiple doors. Computer records can be used to examine who gained access to which door and at what times. These are a bit tedious to install but more suited to buildings with large areas and more people requiring access than stand-alone systems. 

Hard-Wired access control- These types of access control systems are very secure options for buildings. It keeps the infrastructure of the entire access control strong by connecting all the components. However, it may be not easy to install in an existing building and is installed generally when the space is work-in-progress. 

Wireless access control- The wireless access control systems can easily get connected through wireless internet conncetivity option. The low-range access points or gateways are an essential component of the communication mechanism. Though they are easier to install in an already complete building, they require a complex networked system.

Key cards- These are the simplest methods of providing access. Key cards or punch cards are to be inserted in a reader, and access through a door is given. Problems arise if the cards are lost or get damaged. 

Key codes Key codes or PINs can be an effective method of giving access when the code or PIN is entered through the access control systems. However, there are risks of people forgetting it or, worse, sharing it with someone unauthorized.  

Biometrics- These are highly advanced access control systems where access is given upon recognizing a person's facial features, fingerprints, etc. A business facility in China allows access to their employees only if they are smiling. 

Tips for choosing the best access control system for your facility

You should consider several things to make the correct judgment while choosing from the many access control systems out there.

Next, you need to consider the level of security you need. Make sure to discuss with your agent your priority points and high access requirements, if any, at these specific points. Location of your business or residential facility, suspected crimes and crime rates in the area, and timings of access all affect the security you need.

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To assess the manufacturer or agent, consider their history, reliability, and reviews of their previous customers. Cost is an important factor to consider, and you do not want to overspend here. Finally, discuss with them the prospects – how long will their access control systems function effectively, what maintenance services can you expect, and the future costs. 

Considering all the above-mentioned factors, you need to choose the best access control systems  that will work the best according to your needs, situation, and budget. Your security matters, and thus, it Is worth spending some time figuring out the best access control for you.