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A Breakdown of Hot Desking Benefits

25 September 2018

Hot-desking is one way to significantly reduce your overhead. However, in Australia’s urban coworking space, the hot desk can help to build the types of professional relationships that will help take your business to the next level. More than just being an inexpensive alternative to office space, the hot desk can be the foundation from which to establish your business’s visibility.

The hot desk is one solution to office space that accomplishes a number of goals in the workplace. In the coworking space, it is where social activity and work produce industry and innovation. In addition to being the first contact point for conversation and networking, the hot desk can provide your business with a number of benefits.

Keep reading to learn how hot-desking can benefit you in the coworking space and help you achieve more in your work.

Source Of Social Engagement

At one station, you might find professionals working in close proximity to each other. This proximity encourages idle chatter, but it also promotes the type of networking that leads to other activities in the space. While working at the hot desk, conversations regarding industry talk, ones regarding exchanging information (referrals), and yes, some office gossip become the glue that primes the pump of other types of social interaction.

This interaction is important because it is the foundation of other relationships, namely collaborative ones. Collaboration is key in the coworking community because it does bring your business and expertise some visibility. Ultimately, the hot desk is the source of many of these connections and simply through daily engagement that occurs naturally.

Cost-Effective Way To Work

The coworking space is also a very cost-effective way to work, which is its second benefit. The hot desk allows businesses to lease the use of space without having to pay excessively for overhead. With your hot desk, you get the benefit of using equipment that comes standard with an office.

Most coworking spaces provide professionals with IT services and internet connections, support staff (including receptionist), and the ability to reserve conference and meeting rooms. This plan is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to fund workspace when funding cannot support an entire office. Finally, an added benefit to the coworking space is that many of them do hold networking events to galvanise the coworking community.

While hot-desking offers its renters a lot in terms of cost-savings, the environment is conducive to work, even though there is social interaction. The desks are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, which allows professionals to work at their convenience. These spaces tend to be very functional by providing professionals with the tools needed to work in a business environment.

Centre Of Collaboration

These desks can actually be places where collaboration is at work. Because these offices are comprised of professionals from a variety of industries, the hot desk provides more opportunities to collaborate with other people and businesses. By providing a workspace where people can team build, can delegate duties, and can discuss projects, the hot desk fulfils its function of providing valuable space to work.

Minimalist Office Design

The hot desk is great because often these spaces are no frills, clean areas where people can just work. Without the clutter that comes standard in the office setting, you can concentrate on working. For those who need the extra decoration, you can bring small knick-knacks from home to make the space more comfortable. In essence, hot desks provide your business with a simple, flexible workspace where you can get much completed.  

Hot-Desking - Where Social Interaction Meets Productivity

While not a new trend, the hot desk has managed to combine the many functions of the office into one space. The hot desk can be the source of much social interaction but double as space to work. The direct benefit to your business is definitely its cost-effectiveness, but to business growth, the hot desk is the starting point of building lasting relationships that translate into valuable partnerships.