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7 "unknown-to-you" Business Efficiency Leaks and how to stop the drain on time!

11 December 2011

Do you ever get to the end of the year and wonder ‘what happened’? When deciding on how you are going to improve results for 2012 examine these 7 areas closely…

1.      Create Systems that give you uninterrupted time to focus?

There are 2 systems every individual in your workplace needs to set up to enable them to focus… 1 relates to their responsibilities and the other relates to managing our workload. This “invisible system” is one that is always missing.

This invisible system will increase focus, reduce multiple handling and distraction and enable you to use your brain for doing rather than tracking. 

2.      Do you know how to quickly sift through what you have to resolve conflicting priorities?

How much of your day is spent sifting what you receive to work out if something needs attention?

Isolate the sifting process to specific times of the day so that you avoid stopping and starting important work and always giving preference to the quick regardless of priority. 

To get to what is important faster and be able to concentrate longer you need to have a sifting system that enables you to work out what is on your plate QUICKLY and RELIABLEY. 

3.      Have you tapped into the potency of Outlook? 

The real purpose of learning how to use Outlook is for it to become your powerhouse for tracking and managing all you need to do, your information and your contacts.  

Like you, I spent years using only small % of what it could do. IT took me months to discover and formulate the best of the best from its potential. 

Invest in some quality training so you don’t spend months trying to figure it out and you start recouping what you’ve lost!

4.      Formulate the BEST solutions to create a REAL sense of urgency

Many of us don’t stop and ‘sufficiently’ consider what we are truly trying to achieve before moving forward because we don’t have simple techniques that are easy and inspire us to discuss concerns openly, manage conflicting opinions or innovate new options. 

There are processes that are so simple that can help you create 100s of solutions in 8 minutes that are just as powerful as ones that could take you days to formulate. Get these techniques into your tool bag. Help your people sufficiently think and formulate plans that move them forward in a straight a line to their quarterly goals.

5.      Move in the direction of your targets (WITHOUT stress)

Many people have problems squeezing their strategic goals into what they do day to day.  While creating Gant Charts, mind maps, project plans are necessary they are only half the story. 

Planning you day to day work load is an art form that when done EFFECTIVELY can 

1.      Identifying bottle necks

2.      enable meaningful discussions with your people about workloads

3.      Make you more responsive and spontaneous  

4.      + more

Do you need to learn the tricks of planning?

6.      Uncovering Personal Time Stealing Habits – and Creating Unique Solutions to Resolve Them

There are 17 habits that steal time and sabotage your results. Many of them remain concealed. Become aware of what steals your time and then get up the minute uncommon practical solutions to address these habits. The brain can be retrained to do things differently.

7.      Team habits that STEAL time and MONEY

There are 4 major activities that we do daily that cost you masses amount of money & time are slowly sapping the life of your business. 

Email, meetings are 2. 

You may rationalise that you’ve tried to do something but nothing works. We have grown so used to the way things are we don’t rattle the cage and even if we did, we wouldn’t know how to make things better. So everyone continues on making up their own rules, costing the organization and each other HOURS of productivity. 

Can you afford to allow this drain? Help your people elevate their results by giving them clarity, parameters and direction.

Where do you need to focus on to increase efficiency? Saving time does equal saving money. You save both significantly when you know where the leaks are and of course, how to fix them. 


Angie \"Speedy\" Spiteri is an Efficiency Specialist who has helped over 1000 people recover on average, 2.3 hours per day and increase their productivity by a 25-45% through her simple tips and tricks. Her business, Time Equals Money, is dedicated to helping you make informative and reliable decisions regarding the efficiency of your business. She runs workshops on time management, delegation and all things to do with running your business more efficiently. Get a copy of her FREE report \"The 17 Secret Time Management Principles most of the World Highest Achievers use to create their Massive Success\" (valued at $97) by going to