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7 Stages of an efficient recruitment & selection process

11 September 2018

We live in a world where everything is happening at a fast pace, and everybody believes in the notion “time is money.” Well, most of us do. In such times, saving on time is as tempting as it can get, and we relentlessly aim for that. But there are certain things, and procedures that can’t and shouldn’t be done hastily. One of such things is hiring efficient people for your company.

When we are talking about an effective recruitment strategy that will help to hire new and potential talent, for any xyz position in your organization, it’s very important that you take ample time. There are steps that may seem unnecessary to you at first; but trust us, there are certain stages that you simply can’t ignore. And in case you are still worrying, there are efficient companies that will provide you with the recruitment of the best of permanent and contractor personnel. Depending on your business requirements, you can contact these for the purpose of supply chain recruitment in Sydney. Exenet is one such gem that will hold the title of one of Australia’s most successful third party logistics organization.

  •  Stages of an effective recruitment Procedure:

These steps are the most essential ones, and if you want to hire efficient people for your company, this checklist should be your Holy Bible. So, let’s see what these steps are, carrying out which, will make you successful in your hiring efforts.  

o   Job-Posting: Word of mouth is one of the ways to spread word about the work culture and benefits of your company. But is it the most appropriate one? Maybe not. First, you should properly write the job description, and post it on the correct platforms. Choosing the right ones from thousands of social networking sites, job search sites, bulletin boards etc. is very crucial for getting the best of responses.

o   Curriculum Vitae Analysis: The initial step that eliminates out most of candidates is the analysis of the CV. This will give you the chance to identify the candidates who have the required professional skills, as well as aced in academics. Take out most of the time to analysis each CV, so that you find the applications which are the most interesting, and keep them stored also for future job openings.

o   Telephone Interview: This is the chance to get the very first impression of the candidate. Ask each one of them all of the important and general questions i.e. related to their availability, salary that they desire etc. This gives you the first opportunity in taking the correct decision.

o   Psychometric Testing: Psychometric assessments will allow you to generate a model, that will help you to identify the strengths, and elements that s/he needs to work on. It helps you create a job model, with pre-specified norms. These specify the skills, the personality profile, and behaviours which will maximize the output of the individual.

o   Personal Interview: Having gathered all the information about the candidate, it’s time to call in for the interview. Adapt the interview questions depending upon the position, as well as the candidates’ personality and skills. Ask questions that will challenge her/his skills and talent, especially when she/he’s faced with spontaneous (impromptu) situations.

o   Technical Interview: This round of interview is crucial, for without proper knowledge on the subject, the candidate shall not add much value to the position. Conduct the interview with one of the partners or supervisors. Ask questions to test their knowledge and skills.

o   Checking References: Even though all of us try our best to hire the correct employees, we know hiring them can sometimes lead to high costs. So, the crucial step is to validate the references provided, to make sure that there are no criminal records, or any other discrepancy in the facts provided by the candidate.

That’s it, that’s all of the efforts you need to put in, to get yourself the best of the people to join your firm. These seven fail-proof steps ensure ease and efficacy in the selection process!