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7 Creative Ideas for Your Next Corporate Event

01 July 2016

Corporate events. We need them, but often they can be dull. The corporate event has long been the domain of the cringe-worthy ice breaker and the awkward business card exchange. Well we say - no longer! You have the opportunity to get your event really cracking along - and it’s up to you how exciting you’re going to make it with your ideas. To help you with the planning for your event, we have created a list of these top seven things to do to enjoy a more exciting corporate event, so be sure to dip into this list - brought to you by the wonderful folk at Melbourne Memories.

The lost lectures

This is a great way to take your audiences out of the mundane and corporate conference domain and place people into a pop-up location. The spot that you choose for your event has to be different and exciting enough for your audience to be excited by it. You might choose something like a vacant space, a cinema, a movie set, or something completely off the wall. Whatever you choose to do, you need to make sure that the location is special and that you have it set up to match your theme. You might like to kick things off with a secret tour before the event to get your guests really into the mood.

Pecha Kucha talks

This is Japanese for chit chat, and is indicative of a kind of informal way of meeting which revolves around five minute stand up talks, with around 8-15 sessions in total. People present ideas and perform what could be called ‘elevator pitches’ - so it’s a great way to practice pitching or to hear from other people and their ideas on business.

Ignite talks
These kinds of events involve five minutes talks with 20 slides per presenter. People talk about ideas that they’re passionate about, or perhaps some brave new ideas.

Lightning talks

This takes things up a notch even further than the ignite talks - a lightning talk goes for 1-10 minutes and has no multimedia involved at all. This is great for problem solving workshops or hackathons where time and getting ideas across is of the essence.

Fishbowl conversations

An interesting format, the fishbowl conversation involves a circle of seats where people discuss a topic. They are surrounded on the outside by a further, larger circle of people who may just observe the conversation, or who may participate by entering the circle and sitting to gain speaking rights. A fun thing for your guests to do and a great icebreaker as well.

Silent Disco conferencing

You might have heard of the idea of the silent disco, where people listen through headphones and are simultaneously listening to a broadcast. You can solve the problem of having distracted visitors by broadcasting the event through a smartphone, with the slides coming up on the device and the audio through headphones. This is a creative and exciting way for your guests to use their existing technology to interact with you and your event.

Open Mic Jam

This is based on the idea of having an open mic style for your event - where people can get up to ‘jam’ on their ideas. It’s a fun and irreverent way to discuss ideas in a relaxed and informal style.

No matter what kind of event you end up going for with your next corporate event - you need to make sure you have a point of difference - perhaps you could have a photo booth with your event’s branding. Good luck with creating and throwing a great event for your business or corporate requirements - and don’t forget to have fun while you work.