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5 Ways To Improve Operations Of Your Restaurant Business

29 November 2016

As fun as it may sound, running a restaurant can be a daunting task. Managing cleaning schedules, employee retention, daily sales, while maintaining excellent service and complying with the various food safety guidelines can sometimes make your head go haywire.

That is why it is important to have an efficient operational system in place, that can help you stay in control. Before we go into the details of how to improve the operations of your restaurant, make sure you're not making any of these common mistakes usually made by restaurant leaders. Here are five ways that will help you manage your operations better:

1. Loss Prevention And Security-

Restaurant theft is not a new concept. Your restaurant is at a risk of theft not just by robbers, but unfortunately by your employees and customers alike. Some people proud themselves in 'collecting' ashtrays, coffee spoons, antiques from various restaurants. So it's not just your money that is at a risk, even expensive liquor bottles, supplies, decorations are all potential theft targets. In fact, back in the mid-90s Terence Conran's various restaurants lost over 1,000 ashtrays every month. Even the cash you collect and put in the bank from time to time is at a risk when its on its way to or from the bank.

Setting up loss prevention systems like installing security cameras, hiring security guards, using a cash logistic agency might be more important than it seems. Whilst it is true you cannot prepare for every mishap, just by employing these simple techniques, you can substantially cut down the losses you face because of these things.

2. Inventory Management-

Studies show that most restaurant leaders do not pay much heed to inventory. What they don't realise is that inventory is their biggest expense. Wasted or stolen inventory can be considered as bad as direct loss of cash.

Keeping constant check on the inventory, prioritising your inventory, keeping it organised are just some of the things you can do to better manage your inventory.

3. Reduce Waste-

As explained earlier, all waste equals loss of money. Some studies show that restaurants in Australia waste about 9% of their total food supplies every month. That is money sitting on the shelf. Managing your waste, training your employees and forecasting and prioritising your inventory will go a long way in saving money and maximising profits.

Create a waste management team, conduct inventory frequently and compare purchased goods and waste. Try and tweak your menu a bit to minimise waste left on the tables. These are just few of the waste management techniques you can employ to minimise waste at your restaurant.

4. Maintain good speed of service-

Maintaining an above average speed of service can be tough sometimes. You need to identify how long is too long. Constantly motivating and incentivising your employees is a good idea. Using innovative technologies can help you maintain high speed of service while creating engagement among your customers.

Websites like FarmersWeb and Sourcery can help you connect with vendors in your area. Many restaurants use Tablets instead of menu cards providing a fresh restaurant experience to their customers.

5. Seek Help-

There is no shame in seeking help with your restaurant operations. And help comes in many forms, reading online, seeking help of friends, even hiring a hospitality consultant can benefit your operation efficiency manyfold

These were just a few things you can do for the betterment of your operations, you can always do more, learn more, and be more efficient. The important thing for a business like a restaurant is to always find new and innovative ways to improve efficiency in operations and in turn, improve the overall experience at your restaurant. I hope this article will push the readers in the same direction.