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5 Services to Help You Grow Your Business

12 May 2016

Serial entrepreneurs are the kind of people who cannot help but take a business opportunity when they see it. One such person is Creel Price, who has been quoted as saying that ‘If your business is not green and growing, then it’s rotting.’ This is a harsh but fair statement, and I’ve included it here with the aim to focus any entrepreneur who might think that their business is doing ok - and to remind people that growth is the most important part of building a business. Sure, once your business has reached the stage where it’s grown substantially and you can focus on expansion or other part of it that’s great - but when it’s time to focus on growth you really need to make sure your head is in the game. If you’re worrying about the menial things you need to ensure that you have the steps in place to free up your time. If you are going through your own emails it might be time to enlist the services of a virtual receptionist or a virtual assistant who can do that for you and present you with a summary of the most important things! Let’s take a look at some of the main services that you can turn to help grow your business.


Virtual services

I know I just mentioned the benefits of having a virtual receptionist or virtual assistant - but they truly amazing when you’re needing to free up your time and focus on building your business. A virtual assistant is able to take on any number of tasks - from emails to organising meetings to scheduling sales sales to coordinating your tasks into a big to-do list. They truly are the best possible tool for an entrepreneur who needs to get their business booming but who doesn’t necessarily have the time and resources to hire someone full time. You can find a great virtual assistant by jumping online and then by running them through some simple tests and tasks to ascertain their skill level. Also see if you can get a recommendation from a person or colleague who you trust. This will often turn up the best result as far a trustworthy virtual assistant or receptionist goes.



As a business owner you often don’t have the time you want to be able to focus on marketing or selling yourself online. This is where the services of a great marketing company come in handy. You should enlist the services of a team who promise results and who you can trust - so check out their testimonials or case studies to make sure that they have gotten results for people or businesses like yours. This will ensure that you get what you pay for.



When you have a website that has been written by someone who isn’t a copywriter, as compared to by someone who is you can tell the difference. You need to spend money in places where people can see the results of it, and when it comes to your website or collateral it pays to ensure that there is a professional and concise style of language used throughout. A copywriter will help you get there.



A great logo or set of assets for your business will mean that your branding and message are unified across the board. Spend a bit of time and money getting this right from the get-go and you’ll enjoy better results. Try and get a recommendation for this from a trusted colleague or friend who knows what they’re talking about.


A SEO Company

When you’re looking to build your business up to a point where you get traffic organically from online searches you may need to enlist the help of a company who specialises in marketing and SEO. This will help you to get results faster than if you try to do it yourself. Google and the online world is a peculiar and nuanced one, so having a team on board who can help you to get results will be a great bonus.



  • Lisa Elliott

    Lisa Elliott 3 years ago

    Yes a very informative article. I'd like to add to your list: virtual HR department, IT on the 'cloud', virtual accounting dept (now that apps like Xero can assist so greatly). Go to meeting & Slack bot helps keep teams communicating together, and I utilise this daily in the collaboration work I do with other companies. The workplace is changing so much that over the last few years computer rooms have shrunk or become non-existent, HR dept's have disappeared. Workplaces are embracing a more innovative approach & engaging strategic workplace designers to keep apace, offering more wholistic outcome for companies.

  • Jackson Littler

    Jackson Littler 3 years ago

    Thanks for the declarative information. I agree that virtual office, Marketing, Copywriting, Designer, and an SEO Company, these are the main services that can help to grow our business. Nowadays, most of the business owners hire a professional designer to prepare a website design and a branding logo for the company to ensure that more visitors can turn into our eventual clients. These days the small business owners also opt to have a virtual office service who provide a stable location as well as a business address. Virtual offices are situated all over the world at Executive Suite, Space Office,, etc., who provide better services for our customers and clients which will help boost our business. Apart from the designer and virtual office, marketing is one of the most important factors of a successful business which will help us manage our local market and achieve success.