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5 Killer Tactics to Boost Your Customer Relationships

11 February 2020

Customer relationship management is no longer just a marketing tactic, it has evolved to become a business strategy and one of the most powerful ways for growth-oriented companies to get ahead in an oversaturated marketplace. After all, if you’re not working on retaining loyal customers and building loyalty in the first place, how are you to capitalize on repeat business and cut the costs of a high runover rate? You can’t, which is why boosting your customer relationships should be one of your top priorities for 2020 and beyond, especially if you’re in the process of starting a business.

Improving your relationships with your customers will have numerous benefits over the long term, and it will also help you build a more stable business and a solid revenue stream that will allow you to focus on growth, but also on achieving a work-life balance that will lead to better outcomes overall. With all of that in mind, here’s what you need to do in order to take customer relationship management and brand loyalty forward.

Monitor feedback and ask for more

Customer feedback is an invaluable source of business-changing information, which is why you should try to get as much of it as possible from a number of key channels on and off the web. Leave no stone unturned and collect customer feedback through email campaigns, on social media, as well as from 1st party reviews and 3rd party review platforms like Google, Yelp, and more. But don’t stop there, ladies, because there’s plenty to be learned from your offline audience as well. 

Consider sending out quick satisfaction surveys to your customers via SMS, and be sure to add digitized or traditional survey pads in your stores or offices to allow people to leave their feedback while on the go. The combined feedback you obtain from your online and offline customer pool will allow you to discover their pain-points, and capitalize on their likes while turning their dislikes and complaints into success stories. 

Build social proof on your site and social media

Another important business goal that all growth-oriented companies should set is the goal to build social proof. Building social proof is not only a customer retention tactic, but it’s also one of the best ways to drive customer acquisition forward and create a sustainable growth model for your business based on increasing sales and long-term brand loyalty. With that in mind, it’s important to have a reliable social proof tool on your website that will notify customers when someone buys a product or signs up for your services, which will inspire others to trust your brand more and follow in the footsteps of your existing customers.

Over on social media, you’ll want to engage with your followers in meaningful conversation and inspire them to post photos and videos of them using your products, which you can share on your social media pages, and put into your photo galleries for potential customers to peruse. Make sure to inspire people to leave positive reviews on your site and social media as well, and you will have created a strong social-proof strategy for your business.

Integrate live chat into your website

Having a live chat function is not only a great way to collect customer feedback, it’s also an amazing way to appeal to a modern customer who want and needs to communicate with their favourite brands. Nowadays, customers are looking for immediate solutions to their problems, and if you’re not able to provide, there’s a big chance that they won’t wait too long before they get in touch with your competitors. So, if you want your customers to keep coming back, you need a live chat function.

Now, integrating live chat might prove to be a cumbersome task, because all of a sudden you need a team of people who will be online (preferably all the time) to manage customer queries and resolve their problems. Truthfully, it’s an investment at first, but it’s nonetheless necessary if you want to succeed in the long term, because modern brands need to communicate with their loyal customers in real time.

Transparency and honesty build trust

And finally, always remember that the modern customer values brands that are honest and transparent no matter what. Never underestimate the customers’ ability to see through the lies and the veil of fancy copywriting, because if you’ve made a mistake or have exploited workers, animals, customers, or the environment at any point – people are going to find out.

A good strategy here is to be honest with your customers, and own up your mistakes, but the best strategy for loyalty and retention is to avoid making mistakes in the first place. Make sure to put the customers’ satisfaction first, and tailor all of your processes to appeal to their values and beliefs. This is how you will build trustworthy relationships, and protect your brand’s reputation in the process.

Wrapping up

Maintaining a stellar relationship with your customers is one of the best business decisions you can make, and for a number of key reasons. Using these tips and sticking to positive brand values will help you keep your customers by your side, while at the same time inspiring them to spread the word of your amazing brand.