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5 Home Office Design Elements that Affect Your Daily Productivity

28 November 2019

Those who don’t work from home love to think that at-home business leaders have it easy. In their eyes, you have all of the luxuries a typical office-dweller only dreams of, from working in your PJs to buildng your career while having the time to vacuum between Skype calls and run to the store anytime you want. Oh, if it were that sweet. In reality, everyone who works from home can attest to the fact that it’s just like any other job, minus all of the design elements and the corporate culture that permeate a typical office space that actually forces you to be productive.

When you work at home, you need to create your own work-space, and design it in such a way that inspires day-long zeal, boosts productivity, and makes you love your job more with each passing day. And that’s what we’re going to help you achieve. Let’s dive in.

Air quality and room temperature

You can’t expect to be productive if you’re uncomfortable. But beyond the need to buy ergonomic furniture and a standing desk, you also need to consider the intangible design elements that might make you more or less comfortable throughout the day. Remember, modern office design is about bringing form and function together to satisfy all of your senses, and thus make you a more productive earthling, so it’s imperative that you assess the air quality and temperature in the room.

Needless to say, you can’t work in a stuffy room. Pop those windows every once in a while, to air the room, but keep in mind that it’s best to introduce an air purifier to really cleanse the air of all toxins and pathogens. Next, make sure the room is not too cold or too warm. If it’s too cold, it will be the only thing you can think about, and if it’s too warm you will grow restless, fidgety, and downright annoyed.

Controlling the noise

A lot of people love to think that noise helps them concentrate. Whether or not that is the case for you, and it most likely isn’t, it’s important to distinguish between noise and those sounds that can actually calm your mind and put you in a productive mood. Following a certain path of logic and reason, we might conclude that death metal is not as conducive to productivity as, say, the sounds of nature and the great outdoors. But hey, to each their own.

With that in mind, be sure to control the noise in your home office. You might not even realize it, but all of that hustle and bustle going on on the streets outside your window is slowly making you more irritable and will ultimately make you less productive as the day rolls on. So, be sure to get a quality, noise reduction internal doors, that can also divide a room without sacrificing too much space and add some modern aesthetic touch to your home office space.

Scaling natural and artificial lighting

Another key design element of your home office that can severely impact your productivity levels is the lighting. Firstly, you need to make sure that plenty of daylight reaches your workspace. Pull up those blinds, move your desk closer to the window, and introduce a big mirror on an opposing wall to let the light reflect throughout the room.

Next, you need to upgrade your artificial lighting. There is a reason why companies are getting in touch with experienced LED lighting specialists so much nowadays because these professionals understand not only how better lighting leads to better productivity, but also how better lighting leads to long-term financial savings. 

Organizing and designing your workspace

It should go without saying that your work environment needs to be organized and tidy if you are to be productive, and not just because a clutter-free office makes you feel all nice and fuzzy inside. Physical clutter literally makes it infinitely harder to find important documents that are not on your computer, or any other important doohickey that bears a certain relevance to the task at hand, but you simply can’t locate. Don’t let chaos reign, instead, label everything, declutter your desk, use markers and separators, and you will create a better office space.

Creating a multi-functional work area

And on a final note, keep in mind that the modern home office is more than just a place where you make magic happen (professionally, that is). This should be a multi-functional space that allows you to maintain daily productivity and zeal through a variety of décor elements and activities. With that in mind, you’ll need a comfy couch for when you want to stretch out without pausing work, you’ll need a minifridge to fuel your body, and be sure to transform the far corner of the room into a tiny fitness area. Here you can stretch or do your yoga poses to revitalize your mind and your body.

Working from home sounds amazing to those who’ve never done it, but you probably know all too well just how difficult it can be to stay productive. Don’t worry, and instead use these tips to optimize your home office for maximum productivity, even on a Friday afternoon.