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10 Types of Engaging Content

07 March 2011

Good Evening, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

Last week I attended a blogging conference in Melbourne, where I picked up lots of great tips and tricks. I want to share them with you, today I am going to look at engaging/compelling/exciting/interesting content types. When I say content this could be for a Facebook page post, a tweet, your LinkedIn status update, a YouTube video, a podcast or a blog post..... or whatever you desire.

1. Your biggest tips

These can't just be the common things that people know, they need include the tips that you have found that make life easier, quicker, cheaper etc. Lots of people are worried about sharing information that they see as their own personal IP, but think about it, if you share it then people think a) you must be good at what you do and b) when you do something you charge for they think imagine how fantastic the paid info will be!

2. Big vision

You have an idea, you think you know what is going to happen, well share it with the world, it doesn't have to be ground breaking, it could be who you think will win Australian Idol. But the idea is that you have put it out there.

3. Guides, how-tos, tutorials

People are ALWAYS crying out for info on how to do things (I find this all the time). I get regular emails from people asking how do I do x, things that you find easy other people find hard, just because it's easy for you don't disregard it as something that no one is interested in!

4. FAQs

I regularly run workshops and get asked similar questions all the time, so I store them up and put them in blog posts that address them all. I love the people who ask me questions that I can turn into a blog!

5. A story with a message

It doesn't have to be a story with a moral, but one that people can learn from. So instead of explaining a concept the same way as usual turn it into a story to make it easier to understand and more memorable.

6. Research & Results

Carry out an online survey with your readers and then share the results with them, try to make the survey on a topic that will be of interest to your readers, it might be asking them how many times they tweet a day, or how many minutes they can go without checking their iPhone. If the survey is interesting and relevant then people will want to read the results.

7. Jargon buster

As a total non-geek I love reading blog posts that tell me what certain words mean. In every industry there are words that relate to the industry, help newbies out by explaining it to them :)

8. Product database

Put together a list of products that meet a certain need and compare them. I love when I am searching online for some information and there is a web page which has already put the comparative products together - it save me time!

9. Case studies

Case studies don't have to be on something you have done, they could be what you have observed online, or you could ask your customers to let you do a case study on a certain part of their business. The idea is that by others reading the case study they will learn something which they can apply to their business. Ideally the case study will be around an area in which you are an expert.

10. Resource round up

Mashable do a great job of this every week when they do a round up of all the social media news that you may have missed. But this doesn't have to just be your content, you could put together a list of pages which all have the same theme - you are saving your readers time searching for all those resources.

These 10 different content types could provide you with weeks and weeks of content. I've actually written them all at the top of a sheet of paper and underneath I have brainstormed the topics that I can write about for that content type. I now have about 50 ideas, which I plan to use for my blog... so watch this space!