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10 Powerful Web Tools for your daily tasks @ work

29 August 2012


There are increasingly more options that can be used for online storage and a popular choice is Dropbox ( . They have various pricing plans and the basic package (free) starts at 2GB and goes up by 500MB via referral. It also links up with various other programs and does have a mobile component to the product. It has apps for “Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Kindle Fire.  You can also store documents in your public folder and share material via an URL link.


Google Docs has many facets including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing and forms. Like Dropbox, you can share files via URL and decide whether someone can just view the files or edit them. It is great for collaboration especially if you are working with colleagues interstate or even overseas as multiple users can edit the document (and each user can be colour coded as they write). Google Forms is a handy tool for setting up feedback/surveys and collating answers. This also can be viewed/edited from a mobile device.

Online Polls:

Poll Everywhere ( is an online polling solution with various pricing platforms. It is as simple as asking a question using the web tool and then your participants answering via mobile phone, twitter or via the web and then being able to view the responses on the web, in Powerpoint or in Keynote. I have found this very useful in presentations with immediate feedback and a variety of question formats.

Online Noticeboards:

Wallwisher ( is a creative way of displaying notes on a wall. This can be used for anything from feedback, brainstorming, event management, lists, discussion topics and many more ideas. There are some examples on the main page to get you started. Build a wall, set the editing preferences, colour backgrounds and then post the URL.

Social Bookmarking:

More websites are being set up to use for social bookmarking whether this is viewing your favourite website as a link or as pictures.  Delicious ( and Diigo (  enables you to sort, save and search through your favourite weblinks. When saving a bookmark, there are tags you can use to search for the site later as well as a notes section.  There is also the option to make the website bookmark private by selecting the “Private” button at the bottom of the bookmark box.  Your “delicious” account is personalised to you and can be later searched by other people. 

Pinterest ( is a visual way of bookmarking your favourite topics/ideas under a variety of headings. I like that you can ‘re-pin’ another person’s ideas by clicking in the top left-hand corner of the pinned image/site. I have been using this for both professional and personal use and I enjoy seeing what other people are following under certain topics.



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  • Judith McGregor

    Judith McGregor 7 years ago

    Great article and great tips, especially for executive staff planning social media strategies and for business owners.