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10 common LinkedIn questions - with answers

07 March 2011

Good Afternoon, Social Rabbit here with your guide to the world of social media.

These are all questions I have been asked this week in regards to LinkedIn, hopefully you will learn something new

Q: How can I add an event on LinkedIn?

A: Click on the 'More...' button at the top of the page, then choose events, when on this page choose the 'my events' tab and fill in the blanks!

Q: Can I run a poll on LinkedIn?

A: Yes, click on the 'more...' button at the top of the page, then choose applications, scroll down to 'Polls' and click on it. Choose 'add application' and then you can start creating your poll.

Q: How do I connect my Twitter account to LinkedIn so any LI updates are also on Twitter??A: Click on 'settings' at the top right side of the page, then scroll down to 'Twitter settings' click on this and it will guide you through.

Q: All the ad's on LinkedIn really bug me, can I switch them off?

A: Yes, you can switch off the partner ad's. Click on 'settings' at the top right then scroll down to 'partner advertising' then choose 'no' and click on save.

Q: Can I use LinkedIn from within outlook??

A: Yes, and it's fab! Click here to go to the page and download the app.

Q: Can I run my own ad's on LinkedIn?

A: Yes, go to this page, and it will guide you through the setup, it is cheap and easy to do and you can really target your audience.

Q: I'm stuck on LinkedIn, do they have an FAQ's page?

A: Yes you can access it here, on their customer service page.

Q: Are there any good articles that walk you through how to use LinkedIn for business?

A: Yes, Hubspot has a great one, as does Social Media Examiner. I also love There are also good guides on LinkedIn, like this business development one.

Q: How can I see how many connections are 1, 2 or 3 degrees away?

A: Click on 'contacts' at the top of the page and then on 'network statistics' and you will see how you are doing, NB there are 60 million people on LinkedIn.

Q: How do I list my company on LinkedIn?

A: Click on the 'more...' button at the top of the page, then on 'add a company' on the right hand side of the next screen and fill in the details - it's easy! TIP: Make sure that everyone in your company is using the same company name, so that you are all listed as employees.

Have more questions? Just ask.... This bunny will be running a webinar very soon on LinkedIn, so watch this space Don't forget to become a fan of us on Facebook to get more social media goss!