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Why effective communication needs to be encouraged.

19 October 2016

People often question why they would need the services provided by Written Communications. They are unsure as to how writing, or editing, can benefit an individual or a business.


And, this is a fair question. Why would you need someone to write or edit your work for you? Especially when you can do it yourself!


The answer is simple. It maximises your potential, your businesses potential and creates a strong foundation for professional relationships.


It is too often that the wording of professional documents, such as letters, proposals, emails, applications and content on websites, contain errors that negatively impact potential business.


Clients often misunderstand messages because of grammatical or language errors that, quite often, the author has failed to identify.


It is important to understand that the wording of documents can impact potential audiences. So, if you have a business that is trying to adequately portray a message, you need to seriously consider how you are getting your message across to your audience, and why. When it comes down to it, one word can lead to mix ups and mistakes. This is completely avoidable.


We need to have access to services that help people communicate effectively. More specifically, there is currently a lack of services that help people put their thoughts into words and this is impacting their employment opportunities, as well as applications, business proposals and marketing material.


It’s as simple as this; we need to communicate using plain English. We need to start using simple words that make a big impact. Here’s why:


1.    It encourages strong professional relationships;


Gone are the days where BIG words used by BIG corporate individuals confuse the hell out of all of us. What is the point? For every BIG, ‘smart’ sounding word you use, you are likely to lose interest from a targeted audience member. Are you using the word ‘thus’ ? Why?


Don’t write to confuse your audience. Don’t write to sound smart. Write to communicate. Write to get your message across. If you need to use the word ‘thus’, make sure your audience understands what it means. Use the word in an appropriate context. Plain English will get you where you need to be 100% of the time.  Adjust your wording for your intended audience.


It isn’t always easy, but it is something we need to all consider if we use writing to communicate with others. When we do this we gain trust from colleagues, clients and customers. It builds a strong foundation, which can lead to job offers, application approvals and revenue success. Lawyers, take note!



2.    It encourages new ideas


The language that you use when writing and discussing ideas encourages a culture of forward thinking and innovation. How? If you understand how to adapt your communication techniques and language to appropriately fit the personality style of your chosen audience members, your message is going to be far better received.


Does your audience receive a message when it is direct and concise? Or are you appealing to an audience that enjoys a passionate, detailed piece?


Once your message is received, and your foundation cemented, it is likely that your audience will continue to contribute to your ideas and projects… ensuring far more successes and positive engagements. 


We’re all learning off each other, so why not use effective written communication to collaborate your ideas with that of your audience. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.


3.    It’s a small investment with a big reward


Ensuring that your written documents are simple, yet significant, is a small investment that will lead you to bigger rewards. Through language, you get to choose the way you entice your audience.  If you know what to say, but are unsure about how to say it, you have the responsibility to do what you can to get your message across.


Too many times have businesses sent out annual emails with generic errors, leaving clients feeling like another number. Does your email have last months date?  Have you re-read the email that your forwarding to ensure your vocab is accurate and relevant?


You’d be surprised at how often a forwarded email from last month sends clients running the other way.  It. Is, Costly.


Having an additional set of eyes and a new mind full of ideas may be all you need to get that job, apply for that business plan, or market some seriously exciting products!


If all it takes is an additional set of eyes to help you get to where you need to be, it is a no brainer what you need to be doing to ensure your future success!


Communicating effectively will reward you ten-fold.