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Transformation of a nation

29 March 2016

At the invitation of the Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, a five member Australian contingent joined John Maxwell (renowned leadership expert) and 260 certified international coaches in Asuncion, Paraguay from 29th January through to 5thFebruary 2016. “Transformación Paraguay”, a national not-for-profit leadership education project aimed at transforming a nation, was launched.

“The doors are wide open for you and I am willing to cooperate in whatever is needed. It is the right time to carry out this plan in Paraguay,” said President Horacio Cartes to John C Maxwell as he granted the John Maxwell Team the authority and legal rights to work in Paraguay.

Over the course of five rigorous days, we met with and trained top government, military, education, business, faith and community leaders. Our one goal was to place proven tools in their hands. The target was to train 15,000 facilitators via the values-based Maxwell Round Table Method. This powerful method begins by equipping individuals in a structured process, then radiates from individual to individual for a massive, intentional, viral leadership development effect. In some Paraguayan corporations, their entire staff, including cleaners and clerical staff, was put through the training.

The specially trained John Maxwell Team Members each hosted a series of 16 values-based round table sessions using a set of leadership values pre-selected by Paraguayans, totaling nearly 4000 sessions in all, structured around Maxwell’s newest thinking on Intentional Living. By Day 5, we had reached over 20,000 Paraguayans. This process is expected to create a cultural paradigm shift from the top down, table-to-table and participant-to-participant. It is estimated that 700,000 Paraguayans (10% of the population) will be reached. This is how transformation of a nation happens. By equipping leaders, we helped to fast track the country’s development, which today has one third of its population living below the poverty line.

What an experience it was! We went there to give but we returned with new learning, new teaching methodologies, personal growth and connections with amazing people. What was so rewarding was to see the change in the participants – While many were initially reluctant, others were keen, having driven over eight hours to attend. By the end, they were all listening intently. There was laughter and some tears and determination in their eyes.

All were touched and enthusiastic about the simplicity of the roundtable process, the depth of learning and growing and each had a clear vision of what “could be” the future of Paraguay. All left ready to start their Round Table group the next week. It was very humbling to have been given this opportunity to witness and make a difference to the people of Paraguay.

John Maxwell has received invitations from the leaders of another 22 nations to deliver the Maxwell Round Table Method. Visits to more countries are in the works.