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Top 10 Tips to Master Workplace Moods

09 May 2017

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a stuffy office nodding off at noon, reaching for the chocolate at 3pm or stuffing your afternoon muffin into your mouth at 5pm staring at your computer screen wondering why you feel like crap?

Square eyes and a square ass isn't how human beings should live. Luckily, even in the toughest work environment, you can learn to squeeze joy into each day and make space for small mood enhancing rituals.

The following Daily Rituals of Joy are neuroscience-backed practices that can be integrated into your life, leaving you feeling fresher, fabber and fitter, just by changing small habits. 

These activities have been used by humans in various forms for millions of years because they work. And thousands of my clients have taken control of their emotions to lead healthier, happier lives with these habits.

I’ve known extreme sadness, moodiness and anxiety but now, in my fifties, I create natural exhilaration every day by understanding the key ingredients and how to get them. I've learned to minimise negative brooding and rumination, and maximise power and productivity. And so can you.

The practices should be ritualised because a sacred routine requires less conscious thought and less effort, making it easier, more effective and more likely to become habitual.

Daily Rituals of Joy

These ten practices can be integrated into your existing daily activities which means they take up very little additional time but will at first require focus and commitment. Once they're habitualised, you won’t need to think about them; you'll just do them.

  1. Love: Consciously pay it forward and do loving things for those around you regardless of where you are or who you're with.
  2. Move: Get active in small ways often. Bounce up off your chair on the hour, stretch random parts of your body on the half hour, integrate standing and sitting activities as well as walking, using the stairs instead of the lift, a bike instead of the bus and walk while talking.
  3. Nourish: Eat real unprocessed food 80% of the time till you're 80% full. Simple but hard to do. Just try every day.
  4. Sleep: Eight hours a day. Aim for every day and take naps a couple of times a week.
  5. Mindful: If you cant fit yoga or meditation into your day, just do ten deep healing breaths instead. Every day.
  6. Nature: Get out into a garden, park, tree, creek, beach, river or fresh air for at least 10 minutes.
  7. Goodness: Doing good things and helping others is innately human and healing.
  8. Gratefulness: Practice noticing moments of delight and consciously celebrate them for a few seconds every day.
  9. Giggles: Laughter really is the best medicine so make an effort to have a giggle.
  10. Tech Off: As fun and helpful as your devices are, they're also addictive so turn off for an hour a day and feel the difference.

Life can be tough. Hardships hurt. But if you do your daily rituals, life’s hardships will be easier to handle. There will still be times when you’ll rather pull the doona back over your head or you'll beat yourself up for eating that tub of Sarah Lee Ultra Chocolate ice cream, but these will become rarer. And when life whacks you in the face, you’ll whack it right back.