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Successful people never reach their goals alone.

20 June 2017

"When you get, give. When you learn, teach." Dr. Maya Angelou, the woman that Oprah Winfrey called her "mentor-mother-sister-friend" 

All of us have a passion to find, a purpose to manifest, and with this progress will come. Mentors help people on their odyssey through life. Through the generosity of time, empathy and self-reflection, some of the biggest achievements in their lives will come from helping their mentees achieve. Helping create an environment where many, not just few, can thrive is my purpose. So I'm delighted to be a member of the Selection Committee for the Inspiring Mentoring Scholarships, offered by Inspiring Rare Birds, proudly supported by the Australian Government.

For some of us, we may still be discovering our purpose. Our sense of fulfilment may come from; studies, sporting endeavours, career growth, community service, joy from parenting, social innovation, storytelling or job creation activities. My sense of belonging comes from these areas. I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Maya Angelou's inspirational words - and believe it is a person's duty to use their experience to guide others as a mentor, on their personal or professional odyssey.

Inspiring Mentoring Scholarships

In partnership with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and their Office for Women Initiative, Inspiring Rare Birds will be providing 100 mentoring scholarships for emerging or established female entrepreneurs throughout Australia to embark on a mentorship with a high calibre mentor.

These scholarships are for women who are regionally, rurally or remotely located; of Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander descent; migrant of refugees; or socio-economically disadvantaged.

The Inspiring Rare Birds mentoring program provides high calibre mentors to entrepreneurs honestly seeking to advance their personal and business development by way of one-on-one mentoring. Entrepreneurs embark on a 12 month journey with their mentor, spending four hours per month together.

I encourage you to find out more aboutInspiring Mentoring Scholarships and share news about it with your networks.

I’m really excited about the possibilities to change thinking and help both individuals and organisations to make a dint in the universe that will derive from the Inspiring Mentoring Scholarships Program. 

Mentors helps a mentee to realise their potential

The best mentors help their mentees learn and grow by sharing their knowledge so that the mentee can achieve the life and career success they want and deserve.

For entrepreneurs finding a positive role model can be so important for long-term success. It is incredibly empowering to have a high calibre mentor who really listens. It’s a win-win situation for both mentees and mentors. Mentors are stretched personally and professionally as they work side-by-side with trail-blazing entrepreneurs.

Here are 5 reasons why mentors matter and how they can make a difference in the lives of their mentees:

1. Depth of experience

A mentor's experience is an intangible asset, but one that can be so crucial to successful outcomes. It can serve as a guide helping the mentee become a fuller version of who they are.

2. Mentoring increases the likelihood of success

Research proves that mentors are important to success. For instances, Endeavor Insight, conducted analysis of the top-performing companies in New York’s tech sector and found that many of the entrepreneurs leading these startups had strong personal connections to the founders of other successful companies (more atTechCrunch). 

3. The power of the network

The right mentor can have an amplification effect on an individual's success potential. The benefits of valuable connections, timely guidance, and face time can be a springboard.

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4. Mentors has a positive impact on financial performance

Mentoring enhances the overall strategic business ability of mentees and contributes to creating stronger businesses that perform better financially, creating jobs and wealth for the economy. According to a NESTA UK study of SMEs in the creative industries, it takes time to see the effects of mentoring on the balance sheet. In the short-term the research showed an additional increase in turnover of the mentee's businesses. 

5. Mentors offer encouragement and help us build resilience

Inspirational leader Oprah Winfrey stated

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. They are there no matter what and offer moral support sprinkled heavily with cheerleading. There were times that, if there wasn't a mentor there for me, I could have easily, "caved-in," emotionally, or given up on the business. However, I had a mentor and each one I had wouldn't let me stop but provided the encouragement and guidance that gave me hope and confidence that I could do whatever was asked of me."

Mentoring is a proven form of real-time learning through the transfer of know-how, experience and wisdom. If you are a female entrepreneur find out more about the Inspiring Mentoring Scholarships. If you are a high calibre leader consider joining Inspiring Rare Birds as a mentor.

Lali Wiratunga is an active mentor for emerging leaders in the community and in the workplace, and cares deeply about helping young people realise their potential. In 2016, Lali was recognised in Pro Bono Australia's Impact 25, an award that recognises leaders in the social economy.

Thanks for reading this article. If the themes covered resonate with you or you think it will with a member of your network - an entrepreneur, a future mentor or emerging leader - please share it with them. You can follow Lali and see more of his articles at. 


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