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Speak and Fly your Leadership Colours

05 July 2017

Most people, young, old and in-between, want to be attended to, to be noticed and appreciated for our contributions and worth at work and at home.  Hence the addictive pull and popularity of social media.  We cannot get enough of it!  But is it possible for social media going to deliver the kind of attention, the respect and credibility we desire and deserve in our chosen professions and careers? 

Having an everyday presence on social media is unlikely to capture the attention of everyone we are seeking to notice and appreciate our experience, insights and executive presence.  We must also consider and select from some of the tried-and-tested traditional ways of gaining prominence.  Becoming a proactive presenter to groups and audiences is one such way to communicate directly and effectively with our ‘target market.’  Whether presenting internally or externally, as the person out in front, we become highly visible and potentially very influential.  It is not necessary to be a brilliant speaker.  Provided we deliver our presentation competently, we will gain greater respect and credibility as an expert and even a trusted authority in our field.

The power of being the expert speaker is evidenced by the number of senior leaders who accept invitations to speak at public events and business functions.  Why do they invest their precious time and effort into giving public speeches?  Because they know that speaking raises and reinforces their personal brand as a successful leader of their organisation and industry.   All the promotion and publicity before, during and after the presentation gets their name, their position, their views and their reputation ‘up in lights.’   And have you noticed how many prominent people speak not just on the odd occasion but often?  Repetition across multiple channels is a highly-effective self-marketing strategy.   Hereunder is a excerpt of a speech by former AMP Chairman, Simon McKeon - click the image and scroll to the right to find the video.

                  Simon McKeon AO, QUT Business Leaders Luncheon Presentation 
          Chancellor of Monash University, Spotless board director, former AMP Chairman 

One of the most accessible ways to achieve personal success is to look closely at what successful people do, to consider what we can learn from them, and to adapt what they say and do to our own personality, style and goals.    For example, to boost our executive presence relatively quickly, we can increase the number of presentations and speeches we give in a given time period.  Don’t wait to be invited to speak at an event, conference or seminar.  Rather, look out for opportunities to present and even create your own opportunities.  They are there all around you!

Another personal/career benefit of becoming a practised speaker is being in the direct gaze and hearing of senior people who make the big decisions about who is offered the job to lead a major new project, or who is asked to join the executive management team, et al.  From a field of five short-listed candidates (all of whom are qualified and could perform the role) only one person can be the winner.  Will it be the candidate who is a 'blank slate,' not having made herself known to others even though she is a dedicated, hard-working manager?  Or will it be the candidate who has performed to meet KPIs and is also well known and liked by senior managers and colleagues alike?  

Working harder and longer for more and more years can appear to be the safe and sure approach but it is actually fraught with risk because it takes us away from challenging ourselves and achieving all that we know we have within us.  We can, however, choose to reject self-imposed limitations and rise above them to fly our leadership colours for all to see.

Lynne Lloyd 
Managing Director ~ People Results

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