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Python Loops and Functions: Complete Guide [With Examples] | Simpliv

03 March 2020

Have you been assigned the task of extracting the hidden patterns from the large, unstructured data pools? OR is there a need for you to build a web application or desktop application? No matter what it is, Python is there to help you.

Over the years, Python has undoubtedly become the numero uno programming language for most of the organizations including both startups as well as tech giants to develop their software projects and also to serve their clients in a better way.

In this data-driven world, Python is slowly acquiring the number one position in the race of becoming the most powerful programming language of the IT industry. The reasons for the growth in its popularity are many:

In addition to the rise in its popularity, the other major aspect of Python is that it provides a clear path to find some wonderful work for many tech enthusiasts across different industries. So, today we can observe that a large number of IT professionals are willing to learn Python programming language with the help of various modes of learning such as through online courses and uplift their career to a greater height.

So, in an attempt to help such aspiring professionals to learn Python, we are presenting here this blog that discusses some important concepts related to this programming language.

Before we proceed further, at this point we would like to suggest you to also read this blog to get an idea of some important fundamental concepts of Python such as Python Operators and Python Decision making statements.

If you are completely a new entrant to the world of Python, then we suggest that you first read this blog that provides a good introduction to this programming language. You can also watch this YouTube video that talks about a similar concept.

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