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Tools for financially inquisitive women

19 December 2017

Financial Inquisitive

In 2018 Ruby is supporting women to be financially inquisitive. We have put together a list, not an exhaustive one, of calculators and sites that will help you get inquisitive about your finances. These tools can help you understand your income and savings, decide what you can plan toward, and assess what you can afford?

We have also listed the sites we find interesting to read about financial stuff.


Westpac has calculators for personal and business use. Here you can calculate your personal needs from mortgage repayments and getting to know Wonder, to getting in touch with your Super, insurance, travel, ways to invest.

And if you’re in your own business, here’s how we can help.

Great sites to read and watch for financial support and education:


And if you’re after a home loan, you might want to do some research online and have a look at Westpac’s home loan offers; go into a branch and speak to a home loan expert or call on 1300 650 105.