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Personal brands - what does yours say about you?

19 May 2016

There are all kinds of definitions for what a brand is. I look at a personal brand in simple terms - it’s the impression you as a person make.

Your personal brand is important if you’re someone who represents a business, has customers or a product or service you want people to buy. It applies to entrepreneurs, small biz owners and those in corporate.  

If you’re someone who needs to influence people – your personal brand is key.

But first - why would you want to consider yourself a brand?

Well brands - the best ones anyway - engage and nurture their audience, tell memorable (but real) stories, delight and entertain, price and package themselves in an enticing way, make themselves readily available for purchase, deliver what we want consistently, give back to the community, build trust and reinvent themselves over time. And people queue and fork out their cash to buy them.

Brands can be powerful – it’s amazing to see the effect they have on people. I have been lucky to work on a number of iconic brands – the kind people tattoo on their body and reference on their tombstones. 

A brand  - at its best - makes you feel something. And that’s something to aspire to. The way brands go about their business is worth emulating but in your own way.

Yet often people resist the idea of personal branding. Perhaps it sounds manufactured, maybe like hard work and well… even a bit wanky. Some talk about the concept of being authentic and say: “I just want to be me”. Well I don’t know about you – but I am complex and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are too. 

Being me sometimes involves picking my toenails on the couch or warbling alone in my kitchen accompanied by a little shoe shuffle. Other times it’s being immaculately coiffed and heading out to a swish Melbourne eatery. Sometimes it’s gossiping about movie stars then having a D&M about the lack of female representation in senior management roles in corporates and government. I could go on but I think you get the gist. The best brands, whilst well thought through and meaningful, are single minded and selective about what they stand for and communicate.

The reality is that you already have a personal brand but perhaps it is not one you have consciously curated.

So how would you like people to describe you? What do you want to be known for? Are you getting the results you want in business (and life)? And here’s the kicker, are their gaps between what you’d like and reality?

My top 3 tips for curating your personal brand:

1/ Stop and reflect on the impression you want to make. Your ideal client is an important consideration.

2/ Define your personal brand and get clear on your brand heart, values, voice and pillars.

3/ Bring your brand to life consistently through all ‘touch points’ and that includes your wardrobe. Consistency breeds trust.

And remember – change is possible. Nothing is set in stone. You can evolve. So if you’re not getting the results you want or you’d like to make a different impression (to the one you currently do), do something about it.

Getting clear on my personal brand has been incredibly valuable. It helps me navigate decisions such as how I want to sound when I communicate in video, social media, newsletters and more. It influences what I wear – so no more black and less structured garments. And perhaps most importantly it influences how I interact with others and this has seen my connections and network grow immeasurably.

“Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for everything else is irrelevant.” Mark Baynes

Have you invested the time to curate your brand? Perhaps you’re struggling to make the impact you’re after and are feeling a bit lost in the crowd? About to invest in business upgrades like photography, copy tweaks, website renovations or attending networking events or do a lot of presenting?

Your brand is the foundation of your business. When you have clarity on your personal brand, your planning and execution becomes fruitful… and fun.

Join me for a 3.5 hour workshop on 4 June at The Cowork Collective and we’ll curate your personal brand, explore (and break through) common blocks that stop women from stepping into the spotlight and finesse your wardrobe and in person presentation.

You'll leave with new clarity, confidence and loads of actionable tips to make a big difference to how you present yourself in life and business. Meaning you'll look and feel your best and make a bigger impact with peers, influencers and potential clients.

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