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On the spectrum: neurodiversity in the workplace

08 January 2018

One of Westpac’s newest recruits, Todd Cefai, has lost count of the number of job interviews he’s been to since leaving university. Emma Foster, Deputy Editor Westpac Wire, finds out what Westpac and other companies are doing when it comes to "neurodiversity". 

The 24 year-old studied biology and genetics at the University of NSW, is a self-taught data analyst and adjudicates debating competitions in his spare time. But like many people on the autism spectrum, he’d been unable to land a full time job.  

"I've had up to 50 interviews, even got to second stage with some, but in none of them got all the way. Getting the foot in the door is the difficult part,” Mr Cefai says.

Todd Cefai

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