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Love lifelong learning

30 November 2016

Westpac's National Manager Davidson Institute, Lali Wiratunga is an AGSM MBA alumnus. In his experience it's what you learn from your fellow participants that can be really important. Zina Kaye, Founder of Digital Agency, Holly, was one such participant. From Zina, Lali learned the value of lifelong learning.

Zina Kaye founder Holly

"Zina [pictured above]," says Lali, "has developed a portfolio career as a journalist, artists, commercially orientated business woman, entrepreneur and a dedicated mother. She embodies the sentiment behind the saying: 'variety is the spice of life'.

"Zina and I met in 2012 during the Strategic Management Year at the AGSM MBA (Executive). For her the course helped her analyse and communicate opportunities for her digital business, Holly. Zina's education pathway prior to her MBA was a Bachelor of Fine Arts at COFA (now known as UNSW Art & Design).

"Her love of lifelong learning is infectious. During our studies, Zina was a leader; an engaging presenter of complex ideas and a mentor.She accumulates experiences; builds businesses, and art, like her light sculpture - Space Folding - which was at Vivid 2015. 

"Space Folding is an experiment in data visualisation and immersive screens. The work uses custom-built software to translate live flight data into patterns of light and is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. You can get more on the work here.

"Zina is a role model not only for her children, but also my children. She is a 21st century leader, if you will, with the skillsets and assetts many of our global leaders suggest we should be developing in our young leaders.

"She inspires me to act. I'm confident she'll inspire you too."

Helping tomorrow’s future leaders 

Creativity can be learned. It’s just that for some of us, it takes a bit more patience and an extra bit of cleverness about how we choose to think.

To help you foster your creativity, Westpac's Davidson Institute is developing an Innovation Toolkit. The Toolkit will be designed to help guide businesses, organisations, and community groups through their innovation journey. 

The first tool will be “How to run a Collision Workshop”. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore and shape potential solutions through a process called "ideation and collaboration".

Watch the video to find out what a Collision Workshop is and how it helped one organisation begin its innovation journey.

See here for more.



  • Wilma Hobson

    Wilma Hobson 3 years ago

    If you have an idea turn it into a creation. I did!.

  • Wilma Hobson

    Wilma Hobson 3 years ago

    If you have an idea turn it into a creation. I did!.