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Full Moon Moments

07 March 2011

I sat down to write this blog and my only thought was: what am I going to say? Somehow I've got through the year. It's had its full moon moments. Moments when things have not been clear, when I know something needs tweaking or all the balls I have in the air are going to drop at my feet... and then, miraculously, I get through it. I don't think I'm any more special than the next woman but I do wonder how we pull it off so consistently: juggling home, family, work, friends, colleagues and situations which, no matter how similar, require new methods of attack each time.

There are some loose ends to tie up on the way to some fantastic new things in 2011. Ruby is getting a new look and will be much more interactive. We will of course retain our online directory, which remains very popular and extremely useful. But the grand plan is to make Ruby the networking site for women. So stay tuned.

Thinking about that virtual networking world and the Gen-Y women who are the masters of it: the interview we posted with Ruby Rose for November's Ruby of the Month got a lot of attention. This savvy, together, young woman has left me believing the futurists are right. The world is in safe hands as these girls come up through the ranks to be our next leaders. Let's hope we leave them with the positions to fill... and that means keeping the fight for diversity going while providing them with the financial literacy skills to understand that they are their own best investment.

And that means thinking about Super. I spoke at ASFA's conference recently and found the association's members, men and women, all switched on to the dire predicament many women, especially those in the lower income brackets, are finding themselves in when it comes to their Super and retirement. We can't wait for the government to do anything about it because it can't solve the problem. Instead, it's up to all of us to take stock and, for those of us who can, provide the tools and information for women to manage their finances, plan and come to the realisation that 'a man is no financial plan'.

I know we've all heard that sentiment before. However, even one of our women at work this month, Genevieve Smith, recounts in our interview with her that although she grew up in a family where she learned that she could do anything she wanted, she still found herself believing she would have a career for 5 or 7 years, meet Prince Charming, and be looked after for the rest of her life.

Genevieve is about to turn 40 and is now a single parent with two young children. She is eternally grateful that she has a career and that she did something with it. Even though, she believes, it hasn't been as much as she could have and certainly not early enough.

Genevieve was also one of our inaugural Mary Reibey scholarship winners. She was blown away after doing the AGSM Executive Programs week-long residential course and has returned to her company brimming with ideas which she has already begun actioning.

We also speak this month in women at work with our other winner Vicki Tuck from rural NSW and to Rosemary Howard AGSM's Executive Director, who is our Ruby of the Month. I know we are on the right track with the scholarships, as does the AGSM, and we are looking forward to awarding them again in 2011.

So get your thinking pens at the ready because we will be calling for entries early next year to give our next winners more choice of times in which to do the course with AGSM.

It's December and I'm dead on my feet and this will be the final posting for the year. But - as they say in the classics - I will be back, guns blazing in February. In fact I will be in New York in the first week of February for the GBA strategy meeting. I look forward to bringing you the news from that.

With just three weeks to Christmas, when I hear waves or see a beach all I can think about is my upcoming holiday: me and my daughters on the coast - relaxing, cooking, eating, reading, sunning and swimming. I'm counting the sleeps, like a teenager might, to when I can turn the Blackberry off.

I hope all you ruby-ites get to do the same thing. Have a safe and happy Festive Season and see you in the New Year.




  • Anastasia Parrish

    Anastasia Parrish 9 years ago

    Hello write; \"virtual networking world and the Gen-Y women who are the masters of it\". Can Ruby broaden its approach? I am not Gen Y. But I have some mastery of the virtual world! I encourage all at Ruby to avoid age bias.