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Eight Best Websites to Learn Incredibly Useful New Skills

16 July 2018

The newest avatar of education, online education, is certainly here to stay. When the online medium shows no sign of slowing down, and its uses can only go on getting expanded, it is but natural to feel that this medium is not going to die anytime soon. In, fact, on the contrary, one can expect online education to burgeon in the years to come. It may be prone to its pushes and pulls, and ups and downs like any other industry, but there is no wishing it away.

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Why would one want to do that, when this medium has a global reach, and can bring more and more people from the remotest corners of the world into the learning mainstream? Online courses imparted through the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform are doing wonders to education all over the world. There is enormous spread, interest, growth and investment going on in this area, simply because the market is enormous, and its reach is spread out to almost every part of the world and is not restricted to pockets. All these factors make online education a tempting proposition to work on for everyone concerned: learners, teaching experts, investors, employees, and other stakeholders.

Online certification courses are one thing; new skills are another

Online courses that impart learning or knowledge of a certain industry or area of learning and prepare learners for a career with a supplemental certification are one thing, but are there courses that offer specific learning of life skills? This is not the same as augmenting your existing qualifications or knowledge, but giving you completely new skills. For example, let us say you are an engineer, and you want to add a narrowed down learning to your profile, say Java programming. There are enough platforms that offer these kinds of courses.

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But what we are referring to here are websites which teach you incredibly useful new skills. We are talking about skills that may have nothing to do with your professional profile, and are standalone learnings that help you acquire new life skills with which you can make a new career or grow in the profession you already are in. We have made a list of best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills that may not be amongst the lengthiest, but ones that we believe are going to help you choose a new skill that could be of use to you in your life, as well as in your career:

Codecademy: Coding is certainly a skill as well as a qualification. So, learning coding is a life skill for sure. Codecademy easily figures among our selection of best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills, as it offers learning almost exclusively on all aspects of coding, a skill that is complete in itself, or can be used as a supplement to your existing knowledge and skillset.

Duolingo: Duolingo has a brand name that quite suggests what to expect from this learning platform. It is a platform that teaches you new language skills. New language skills are never going to become redundant in this globalized world. We still don’t have a universal language, even if the current language we are reading is a top contender for this post. It is going to be a while before we can see that happening. Till then, Duolingo is a great website to have for learning a new life-skill.

Learn Incredibly Useful New Skills

Simpliv: We chose Simpliv simply because this online platform for video libraries has courses for just everyone on this planet. In fact, it is distinguished from other platforms for this important reason, as it wants to destroy the barriers to education, be it race, religion, location or financial. It finds a mention in our selection of eight best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills because it has plenty on offer when it comes to courses that offer life skills. Life skill courses that you can learn include psychotherapy, yoga, painting, art therapy, acupuncture, Java programing, and lots more.

Babbel: Babbel finds mention in our list of eight best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills list because it is a website meant for language learning. One can master many languages with Babbel’s website. These languages are varied and are at various levels. Babbel is a platform that has made quite a name, having completed a decade of existence early in 2018.

Udemy: In which list on education does Udemy not appear? It makes it to our pick of best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills because its courses are not restricted to the technical ones. It has courses on topics such as photography, which can be a life skill for many people, who can take off on a career with this skill. Udemy has courses in almost every faculty of human knowledge, and that is saying a lot about it.

Skillshare: Skillshare is another website whose mention will not lead you to ask why we have chosen it in our best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills. Here is a platform for sharing skills with a difference. Like Wikipedia, whose content anyone can edit, so long as the right things are done and done right; with Skillshare, you can create courses for anyone who wants to learn. Life skills such as SEO, 3D printing, online store setup and lots more come to life on Skillshare.

Udacity: Udacity has a funny association for learning: it wants to teach learning to anyone who has the audacity to learn! Well, we don’t know if one needs this quality to push oneself into learning, but Udacity has courses that offer life skills, such as physical therapy, Java programming, yoga and so on. Udacity has a wide assortment of courses that can teach you life skills, using which you can make a living.

Treehouse: Treehouse teaches you everything that you may call life skills. Treehouse figures in our list of eight best websites to learn incredibly useful new skills because it teaches you important present-day skills such as how to build an app for a particular purpose, how to design a website, and how to write effective marketing content.