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Do you hire for differences but manage for similarities?

20 April 2016

Successful businesses today need an innovative and progressive workforce to help them stand up and out. They have no choice but to attract and target smart, future focussed thinkers to help them wow their customers and make it easy to buy from and become a differentiator in the market. It is imperative now to recruit talent who think differently and whose diverse experiences give them the certainty to shape the future decisions and react in lightning speed to their impact. They are the differentiators we seek. They will be the talent that will monetize business rather than keeping it at status quo. 

Therefore it is imperative to provide a workplace that gives these “outliers” the opportunity to be curious, inventive and highly engaged.

And in principal that is the easy part.

Ricky Nowak Leadership

However in practice, things are not what they seem outside the interview room. Once onboarded, most conventional leaders don’t create an environment that supports this premise and manage new staff for similarities not their differences for three reasons.

1; They don’t know what will happen tomorrow if that person moves too quickly

2. They don’t feel they have any control over it.

3. They don’t know how to let go of past behaviours and trust new thinking that is not their own

Now is the time to focus on the outcome and results that you and the business want to achieve.

Now is the time to have a noble purpose in what you are trying to achieve so you can outperform the market by at least 35%  - for that is what it will take for your business to push through the competition.

So how do you do that?

Begin by carving away everything that doesn’t match your strengths and talents. Carve away everything that doesn’t look or sound like you. Trust others to create meaning when you may not be able to.

Just like Michael Angelo did when asked how he carved his magnificent statue of David … “I carved away everything that did not look like David”.