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Top trends in digital content

11 January 2019

Create a plan for the year ahead based on the “problems” of your target market. What keeps your target market audience up at night? Plan a series of content that will serve your audience’s needs and position you as the solution. This is brand communication and strategist Kirryn Zerna’s advice for 2019.

“There are some digital content trends that are deceptively simple, yet cunningly effective to deliver your social success,” according to Kirryn.

Speaking and connecting with over 1300 businesses this year she believes 2019 is less about technology and more about narrative: “It’s about becoming known as the author and authority on your topic. How you demonstrate that over time, so that you stand out, without selling out in your industry and beyond, includes employing video; mastering the digital content trend of Stories; and building two-way engagement.”

Kirryn has more on her 2019 trends, here.