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Tipping and eating out - should we be doing it?

11 May 2016

Hamburger and wedges

Does the budget and EOFY have you swearing you’ll make changes to your spending and saving habits?

And do those changes revolve around deciding to eat out less, making a concerted effort to bring your own lunch to work, eat breakfast at home, forgo the third coffee, etc., etc.

If it does then these findings might help you with your new tax year resolutions.

Clipp, an iOS and Android bar tab app that allows customers to start, manage and pay their café bar tab using their smartphone has compiled - using data from its vast network of onboard merchants - a list of what it costs to eat out in Australia’s largest capital cities.

Based on two people eating a hamburger and a small pizza and ordering a glass of house wine and a schooner of commercially available (not boutique) beer, eating out is most exxy in Melbourne ($61 on average), followed by Perth ($57.50), Brisbane ($55.50), Sydney ($51.60), Adelaide ($50.50).

Time to rethink your next after works drink.

Clipp also surveyed more than 2000 pub and restaurant clients late in 2015 and found “nearly 60 per cent of Australians regularly tip, despite often making less money per hour than their servers”.

And this in a country in which tipping is not expected... you have to ask should we tip at all?