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AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training lays a solid groundwork for clearing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam

20 December 2018

Cloud computing is among the technologies that have taken the computing world by storm, so to speak. From the time it came into being in about the early 1990’s, where it was used as a set of point to point data circuits, it has now evolved into something that enterprises cannot think of living without. A variety of factors has contributed to the metamorphosis of this technology.

While it was developing at a certain pace for about the first decade-and-a-half or so of its initiation; the global economic slowdown of the late 2000’s gave it a sudden explosion. This was when companies started realizing the ability of cloud computing to help resolve vital issues pertaining to space and speed and make it a specialized field in itself.

This turned out to be the inflexion point for this industry from where it started growing exponentially. This space has grown to such an extent that today, cloud computing is a fully developed area that offers manifold career opportunities. A career in cloud computing is a much-desired option for professionals around the world. The world of cloud computing is now almost totally dominated by Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most prolific provider of cloud computing today globally. It has galloped ahead of the competition by developing and offering an excellent ecosystem that brings together all the parameters that make cloud computing powerful: storage, infrastructure, automation and computing.

Amazon has developed cloud computing to an extent that it not only makes up nearly a third of the global market; it is more than three times bigger than its nearest rival. What is even more baffling is the fact that it is more than ten times larger than the next 14 biggest companies combined. This is a piece of statistics that calls for some serious consideration.

Valuable certification

You can have a share, too, in this phenomenal growth. Since 2013, AWS has started offering certification for cloud computing professionals. From the time of its inception, if there is one expression one can use to describe its growth, it should be “exceptional”. Today, it is the gold standard for a career in cloud computing anywhere on this planet. In just five years, it has grown to a stage where it offers career-defining exams in AWS certification.

For a professional who wants to progress in AWS cloud computing, becoming AWS Certified Solutions Architect certified is a very strong step. It puts the professional on the course to attaining higher degrees of qualifications and getting subsequent job and career prospects. It is offered at two levels:

Associate Level:

This exam will expect the candidate to have knowledge of how to design and deploy systems on AWS that are scalable and be made highly available systems, knowing how to select the appropriate AWS service for the given requirements, and understanding how to deploy on-premises apps to AWS.

Professional Level:

Moving on from the Associate Level, a candidate can graduate to the next level, the Professional Level. At this level, the AWS professional will be equipped with the capability to design and deploy applications on AWS that can be dynamically scaled and should be extremely reliable. At the Professional Level, the candidate is also expected to be able to carry out migrations of complex multi-tier applications on AWS.

Benefits of becoming AWS Solutions Architect certified

Attaching the AWS Solutions Architect certification to your resume is something that marks more than just a simple value addition. It will lay you on the path to a highly challenging and growth-oriented career in AWS. Consider the monetary aspects of becoming AWS Solutions Architect certified: An AWS Solutions Architect earns roughly $113,000 in the US and Canada. Such a professional can also look forward to a world of working opportunities in countries as varied as Australia, Brazil or Russia, to mention just a few. And yes, India is one of the extremely fast evolving markets for AWS professionals.

Being AWS Solutions Architect certified makes it difficult for companies to reject you. It is as simple as that. You can climb the professional ladder and become any of these with an AWS Solutions Architect certification:

o   AWS Cloud Architect

o   Cloud Software Engineer

o   Cloud Developer

o   Cloud DevOps Engineer

o   Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager

o   Cloud Key Account Manager, or

o   AWS Networking Specialist.

Solid preparation is the basis for becoming certified

Would anyone want to approach an exam of such importance without the seriousness it deserves? It is to help clear such a complex and potentially career-altering exam that Simpliv, a Fremont, CA-based platform for learning, is offering AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training. This is a very solid and robust preparation for gaining the AWS Solutions Architect certification.

Course schedule

This virtual classroom training is an indispensable support to your efforts in becoming AWS Solutions Architect certified. It is designed every bit for the serious, hardworking professional. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, it has scheduled this course to suit your needs. This is how you will be learning:

Six weekends starting Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 January 2019: Between 8 AM and 11 AM, IST, for a total of 36 hours.

More about the training

What this AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training will give you is that it will put you on the path to becoming an AWS professional by preparing you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. Rather than being entirely academic in character, this AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training from Simpliv will be pretty much hands-on. The many case studies presented at the course will help you get a superior understanding of how to approach the subject. What could give you better skillsets and knowledge for implementing AWS best practices? All the core areas of AWS Solutions Architect Certification will be included in this training. These are some of them:

o   Elastic Cloud Compute

o   Simple Storage Service

o   Virtual Private Cloud

o   Aurora database service

o   Load Balancing

o   Auto Scaling

Get trained, get certified

At the end of the 36 hours of training, you earn a certificate from Simpliv. This is a very valuable addition to your professional profile. It will take you up the career path with ease. In giving you all that you need in this field of learning, this AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training from Simpliv is just the fillip you need for your career.

Who is this training for?

This AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training is aimed at anyone who wants to gain certification by clearing the. AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Architects, Business Intelligence Managers, Technical Leads, Programmers, Developers and Freshers are some of the designations that benefit hugely from this course.

Being intensive in nature, the AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training course from Simpliv expects participants to have a basic understanding of running commands as well as with core Linux concepts such as networking, software repos and storage.

And yes, it will help if you have some idea about concepts relating to applications deployment and in managing systems or applications or infrastructure or deployments and automation.

Intensify your career options

This course is a thorough and proper guide to helping you get there by offering deep learning on these highly pertinent topics:

o   Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS 

o   Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 

o   Amazon Virtual Private Cloud 

o   Amazon Storage Services – 1 

o   Amazon Storage Services – 2 

o   Amazon Storage Services – 3 

o   AWS Database Services – 1 

o   AWS Database Services – 2 

o   AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Control user access 

o   Load Balancing and Autoscaling 

o   Amazon Route 53 

o   Amazon Application Services.

Course fees

Simpliv destroys the myth that something valuable has to be necessarily expensive. It brings a course of such magnitude at a very earthly price that is hard to find anywhere in the market. If you are one of those who enroll for this AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training batch, Simpliv offers terrific discount of more than 40%. This course is yours for just 9999 instead of the usual 16,665.

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