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5 Steps to find your Personal Style

08 September 2020

Here are the tips that have worked for me and that I use with my clients.

1.       Who do you admire?

In my Style Consultations with new clients, I ask them to tell me someone famous whose style they admire. This gives me a visual idea of the aesthetic they like and brands that would be suitable.


2.       Visual Effects

Keeping in mind your style icon – now do your research. Search their style online. Any looks you see you like, either create a Pinterest or save the photos on your phone.

Look at the images. What are the similarities in their style you notice? Are there certain colours, styles, cuts or pieces that feature?  Kate Middle for example wears very tailored pieces, often wears a bright block colour, minimal patters. She also recycles outfits and is often seen in coats and dresses.


3.       Less is more

You’ve probably heard the statistic we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. It is true of every wardrobe I’ve seen. So cull the pieces that don’t fit, you haven’t worn in years or don’t reflect the style you’re wanting to achieve. The more options you have, the more overwhelm.


4.       Identifying your core

Based on your work and weekend requirements, what are the pieces you need that you can mix and match to create a number of looks to take you from day to night. For me, blazers, jeans, ankle boots, white t, a few accessories are the things I need as my core. They are the pieces I invest my money, they are the foundations of my wardrobe.


5.       Be conscious

I write all my clients a list of pieces missing from their core. This gives them a focus for when they are shopping. Being conscious means building a wardrobe over time with items you need that fit your style objectives. It means thinking about the item, can I wear it with at least 3 other things I already have? This is stop impulse buying, purchasing more of the same and ensuring you spend wisely.


Trust your instincts and wear what you love and makes you feel like your best self and remember, your best style is ahead of you.


Lisa Stockman

Personal Stylist

IG @lisastockmanstylist

FB @Lisa Stockman Personal Styling