Women's Hostility in the Workplace: Myth or Reality?

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  • DateWed 05 August 2020
  • Time10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • VenueOnline
  • LocationOnline event Fremont ACT 9453
  • TypeNetworking
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Overview: This training program will discuss whether women are more hostile among each other in the workplace. It will discuss sexism and stereotypes in our perceptions of women and men's bullying, the nexus of bullying and harassment, and the impact of bullying on witnesses. Why you should Attend: This webinar will discuss the phenomenon - or lack thereof- of women's hostility to other women, outline what one should do if bullied, and discuss management's role in the prevention and intervention of the behavior. Research suggests that men and women employ different tactics in bullying. Because women's ways of bullying are generally more subtle, managers may not recognize it as bullying and ignore the behavior thereby giving tacit approval for it to continue. This leads to poor morale, lack of trust in management, and poor performance, absenteeism, and turnover. Are women really each other's worse enemy or is it just a myth and a stereotype? What does research show about women's hostility to other women, sometimes called bullying in the workplace? Is female to female bullying an issue that deserves attention apart from general workplace bullying? Do we have different expectations of women's behavior at work than we do of men's behavior? Do we have a responsibility, as women, to support other women at work? Areas Covered in the Session: To describe women's ways of bullying To discuss the theoretical causes and contributing factors of women's bullying To determine if bullying could be illegal harassment To explore the impact of women bullying their colleagues To identify management's role in the prevention and intervention of women's bullying To list the steps to take if targeted by a bully Learning Objectives: Theories as to whether women are more hostile to each other than to men Sexism and stereotypes in our perceptions of women and men's bullying The nexus of bullying and harassment Impact of bullying on witnesses Tort laws Tokenism Who Will Benefit: Human Resources Generalists Managers Directors Women Owners HR Managers Controllers Supervisors Office Managers Accounts Managers Anyone in Management at all Levels https://www.trainhr.com/webinar/women's-hostility-in-the-workplace:--myth-or-reality-703132LIVE