Dealing with Difficult People

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  • DateThu 10 October 2019
  • Time10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • VenueOnline
  • Location39658 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539, USA Fremont National 9453
  • TypeWorkshop
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Overview Lets be honest here you probably have people in your life that, if they would just go away! your life would be easier? Interacting with them is exhausting and frustrating - even thinking about interacting with them is discouraging and causes you to despair the situation will never get any better. Why should you Attend Difficult people are found in every walk of life. They come in many forms. Given that we can't avoid or eliminate them from our world, the next best solution is to learn how to effectively deal with them. Learning how to recognize what they are doing, and why that’s creating so much difficulty for you, and those around you, is the first step. Areas Covered in the Session You interact with people You're frustrated and exhausted by some of the people you have to deal with regularly You spend way too much time thinking about how to deal with one or more people in your world You have a team or organizational leadership role You want specific practical tips, tools, techniques, tactics and strategies to effectively deal with the most difficult people in your life Who Will Benefit CEO COO HR Professionals People Managers Leaders Directors ManagerS Supervisors Business Owners Business Consultants Department Managers Staff at all levels Speaker Profile Michael Healey Since 1987 he has been consulting with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing organizational culture and their people as a foundation for continual improvement and enhancing organizational capacity.