TIN Solicitation Best Practices

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  • DateWed 10 July 2019
  • Time12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • VenueOnline
  • Location161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216, Fremont National 9453
  • TypeWorkshop
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Overview This is nothing to worry about as long as your organization is doing what it is supposed to be doing when it comes to reporting income paid on Forms 1099. Now, more than ever it is important that you utilize best practices with regards to collecting and reporting taxpayer identification numbers and income as required. In this newly-created program you will learn exactly what you should be doing to comply with IRS regulations. Why should you Attend While TIN solicitation might sound too lascivious for the legitimate business world, it is critical that every organization take this task seriously. For if they don't, a very uncomfortable and costly audit with the IRS is likely to ensue. If you've heard that the IRS budget is likely to be cut and think that means good news for your organization when it comes to audits, think again. The indications are that enforcements in relation to information reporting errors will be up. Areas Covered in the Session Identify all required TIN information you need to collect Design a best-practice TIN solicitation process Recognize outdated TIN collection practices Determine who should sign up for IRS TIN Matching in your organization Incorporate appropriate TIN solicitation practices into your new vendor operations Identify those situations when you should require a new W-9 Who Will Benefit Accountants: Controllers, Assistant Controllers, Accountants, Accounting Managers, GL Managers Auditors: Company Internal Auditors, Accounting Firm Auditors Finance CFO Procurement Accounts Payable: Managers Directors, Supervisors and Professionals Accounts Receivable: Managers Directors, Supervisors and Professionals Other Speaker Profile Mary S. Schaeffer a nationally recognized accounts payable expert, founded AP Now, a membership organization focused on creating business intelligence around the accounts payable and payment function. She has written 18 business books and is a frequent and popular speaker at both online and live events.