Python for Beginners: A Python Mega Course with 10 Projects - Simpliv

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  • DateWed 06 February 2019
  • Time1:00 AM
  • Venueonline
  • Location161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216, Fremont, CA 94539, USA. fremont National 9453
  • TypeWorkshop
  • Ticket$$10 per person
  • Table$Price for a table per table (seats Normally between 8-12)
  • Contactsimpliv
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About this Course Looking to learn Python from Basics with Practical Approach ??? Then this course is for you !!! Be a Professional Python Programmer and Learn most Demanding skill in the Job Market !!! Learn most comprehensive and straight-forward course for the Python programming language Master Python by Building 10 Projects and Learn to apply Python Skills Practically !!! Project List: Live Twitter Sentiment Analysis racing IP Address Rock - Paper - Scissor Game Speech Recognition System Encryption using Python Dictionary Guessing Number Game Checking Validity of Password Simple Calculator Conversion of Numbers Removing Vowels from a Sentence We will start from Python installation on your computer, regardless of your operating system We cover every concept in Python, including: Python installation Python Basics Running Python Code Strings Numbers Lists Dictionaries Tuples Sets Boolean's Program flow control If Else Statement Contact Us: Phone: 76760-08458 Email: Phone: 9538055093 To read more and register: