Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Conference

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  • DateMon 10 October 2016
  • Time9:00 AM
  • VenueTBC
  • LocationTBC Sydney NSW 2000
  • TypeSeminar
  • ContactWorkplace Diversity & Inclusion Australia

    +61 2 9368 3915
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The world and our workplace today have become highly diverse. International research has proven that a diverse workforce combining employees from different backgrounds and experiences drives significant tangible and intangible benefits to businesses. Clear links are shown that when workplaces are truly diverse and inclusive, it results in greater creativity, higher levels of innovation and improved team engagement. These in turn lead to lower turnover rates, improved workplace performance and higher profits. 
With the focus on workplace diversity and inclusion increasing in recent years, more and more employers are taking steps towards employing and supporting a more diverse workforce. However, statistics reveal that many Australian organisations are struggling to manage diversity effectively. The 2013 Diversity and Inclusion Survey conducted by Korn/Ferry and Diversity Council Australia indicated that 41% of businesses indicated they were only at the building foundation stage of their diversity program. A lack of commitment to full-time, experienced diversity leaders was also evident, with 60% of respondents having limited or no background in diversity and that most senior level managers were only ‘somewhat involved’ or ‘not very involved’. *
The Workplace Diversity and Inclusion conference will take a look at how the diversity landscape in Australia has changed since then and what the key areas of focus currently are.
More importantly, the program will feature more than 10 practical case studies on how Australia’s private and public sector organisations have developed and implemented their diversity programs to great effect. We will look at the top challenges they faced in their D&I journey, strategies to overcome and the lessons they have learnt in the process.
By attending, you will gain valuable insights on:-
  • What best practice looks like in Australia’s leading organisations
  • How to effectively deliver diversity and inclusion strategies on gender diversity, cultural diversity, LGBTI inclusion and employing indigenous Australians,  mature-aged workers and people with disability in your organisation
  • How to drive organisational change to overcome unconscious bias in the workplace
  • How to successfully engage senior management and employees for improved outcomes
  • How to create a flexible and supportive workplace for diversity employees to thrive  
  • How to ensure a culture of inclusive leadership and how does a leader engender a sense of inclusion in the face of diversity?

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