Program Logic for Planning and Evaluation Seminar 2016

Event Details

  • DateWed 22 June 2016
  • Time8:00 AM
  • VenueCliftons Sydney
  • Location13, 60 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000
  • TypeSeminar
  • Ticket$Price per person per person
  • Table$Price for a table per table (seats Normally between 8-12)
  • ContactLiquid Learning Group
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Liquid Learning is delighted to present this TWO-DAY WORKSHOP that will provide an in-depth and interactive learning experience enabling you to: EXPLORE • Identify how programs and policies contribute to intended, and unintended, outcomes • Build evaluation processes into program and policy planning cycles • Establish a clear causal chain between resources allocated to programs, their activities and short, medium and long term outcomes • Develop program logic templates for effective planning and reporting purposes • Understand how context and opportunity informs program implementation and outcomes