Conscious Coach Collective

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  • DateThu 09 June 2016
  • Time5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • VenueNAB Village
  • Location700 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000
  • TypeNetworking
  • Ticket$Free per person
  • ContactCindy Turner
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Attention Professional Coaches in Melbourne!

If you're like me, you've probably already discovered that going it alone in your coaching business is hard work. There's a certain isolation that creeps in and keeps you from finding your natural rhythm. That in actual fact, we as human beings are actually here to connect, to share and to support each other's success. This need is fundamental to our sense of happiness and wellbeing and core to our success.

Coaches are plentiful these days. And the coaching industry is murky and unregulated. So how do you differentiate yourself as a coach and stand out amongst the crowd? How do you leverage your strengths and passions? And more importantly, who do you surround yourself with to champion you and ACCELERATE YOUR SUCCESS?

Who is is a collective of highly TALENTED, GENEROUS spirited Coaches who've realised there is strength in numbers.

At we want you to succeed. In fact, we want even more for you than you currently believe is possible for you. Why? Because we know you have become a Coach for a reason... you've been 'called' to serve others, to make a bigger difference. To share your message.

And that is our purpose at to connect TALENTED, purposeful, conscious Coaches (like you) with their ideal corporate clients. To connect top professional Coaches with organisations seeking change. We have strong relationships in the corporate world and we're always looking for brilliant Coaches we can refer work to.

Feel free to find out more about myself, Cindy here...

What is the purpose of this Collective?

We wanted to create a FUN, INSPIRING and uplifting space for AMAZING Coaches to come and connect and build valuable partnerships with others and with us.

Our guest speakers are invited to come along because they align with who we are and what we value (authenticity, transformation, connection, passion and growth).

Who is our guest speaker?

Our very first speaker is a very dear friend and colleague of mine who will be visiting us from Perth... Vida Carlina. Vida has recently been voted Western Australia's 'Most Inspirational Business Leader' so I'm very excited to have her speaking at our inaugural Conscious Coach Collective (CCC) meetup to launch her brand new book, 'My Power Statement'. The book outlines Vida's powerfully simple coaching technique that will assist you and your clients to overcome limiting beliefs and start taking massive action... immediately.

You can take a further look at Vida here...