Bringing the Light: Seven Women Documentary

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  • DateThu 02 June 2016
  • Time6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • VenueCinema Nova
  • Location380 Lygon St Carlton VIC 3053
  • TypeNetworking
  • Ticket$$25 per person
  • ContactSteph Woollard
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Seven Women began in 2006 as a grassroots development project to create change for seven women who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. Through a dedicated and passionate team we have been able to establish six centres in Nepal (two in Kathmandu and four rural village projects) which have trained and employed over 5000 women. Over the last 10 years, we have seen a huge ripple effect from women sharing their skills with their communities. Bringing The Light: The Seven Women Documentary is an inspiring story about a social enterprise which has changed the lives of thousands of women in Nepal. This documentary, set in Nepal, will inspire you, move you and show you that sustainable social change is possible, and incredible. This is the story of a group of amazing Nepalese women who, as part of a sustainable social enterprise led by an altruistic young Australian woman, have been empowered to change their lives from being cast-aside to being strong and proud, self-sufficient, beaming with grace and happiness.